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    Be part of growing number of happy clients who are communicating more effectively. Unlike most hearing aid clinics in Perth, we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. Therefore, we will identify the best solution for our clients from the full range of European made Hearing Aids.

    Our philosophy

    "We do not fit hearing aids, we change peoples' lives through our fully comprehensive hearing journey program".

    Why choose us?

    Experienced Audiologists
    Complete and coordinated care for your hearing health
    100% dedicated to hearing care
    After hours appointments by arrangement
    Innovative and state of the art hearing solutions
    Advanced equipment and testing facilities
    Independent and unbiased advice that benefits you
    Affordable hearing care
    1:1 After care
    Five convenient locations and we can also come to you

    Art of Hearing is Perth's leading invisible hearing aid provider and tinnitus management specialist.

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