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Did you know one out of six Australians suffer from hearing loss

Hearing aids have changed. Thanks to remarkable advancements

A persistent ‘ring’ in the ears is treatable. Whether you have a

Perth's Trusted Audiologists and Hearing Clinic Specialists

Our Audiologists in Perth

Audiologists deal with the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. Commonly known as hearing doctors, these professionally licensed healthcare specialists are experts in hearing health. They offer advice for diagnosing and managing hearing conditions, as well as fitting hearing aids and adjusting them over time to suit the needs of the wearer.

Regular follow up appointments will ensure that the hearing aids are working as they should. In addition, an audiologist is also able to recommend hearing protection products such as earplugs, ear muffs or over the ear hearing protection. Custom moulded hearing protection is also possible to provide the optimum protection for every patients’ unique needs.

Art of Hearing is dedicated to full service hearing solutions with a team of experienced and university-trained audiologists who can provide unbiased product knowledge and extensive follow up care.

Hearing Clinic Perth

There are a number of hearing & audiology clinics located in Perth. Hearing clinics are often well equipped with the necessary tools for the aid and care of hearing loss patients. The state of the art equipment and facilities allow for extensive audiology tests to be carried out. Moreover, experienced audiologists at hearing clinics will ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment plan for managing their condition.

The Art of Hearing clinics operate out of 5 convenient locations all around Perth, north and south of the river. The list of locations can be found here.

Experienced Hearing Specialists

Hearing specialists spend a good deal amount of time to gain accreditation with 5 years in university and an additional 2 years in a postgrad masters audiology program, as well as a clinical internship with an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist. Annual renewal of the accreditation involves sufficient professional development by attending conferences, training courses, seminars, in addition to performing studies and research. At the Art of Hearing, our hearing specialists are well trained and dedicated to ensuring that all patients needs are met. 

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any stage of life. If you’re looking for audiologists Perth, to assist with your hearing condition, book an appointment with one of our hearing specialists for a free consultation or call (08) 9390 8811.

It’s why, we believe seeing you is the key to better hearing.

As a valued customer, our dedicated team will provide you with unbiased product knowledge and extensive follow-up care. We take the time to ensure your needs are being met, and ongoing care is provided.

Hearing loss can affect anyone, surprisingly, at any stage of life. If you, or someone you love, has noticed a change in their hearing, the sooner you see us, the sooner we can help to overcome the difficulties a loss of hearing can cause.

Discover the difference an independent hearing specialist can make, by booking your obligation free appointment today.

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My audiologist is Ian Henderson and I find him to be thoroughly professional in his approach to my hearing needs. Also, he has a friendly, almost "lay-back" attitude whenever I meet with him, which immediately puts me at ease, and makes me feel comfortable in his presence. He is obviously highly knowledgeable about hearing problems and the ways to cure them. It is said that an expert can make the most complex tasks seem easy. This personifies Ian's attitude. I am more than happy with the way he attends to my hearing needs, and wish to thank him for the way he deals with my problems.

G. Iles (Riverton)

Very helpful, Friendly & above all, Professional

Mike Yeo

I have already recommended the art of hearing and will keep doing so. Aravind has been understanding caring and helpful with me buying new aids.

Chrisine Melanchin

I am very happy with my “new ears” thanks and thank you for all your support with them.

Lindsay Moralee

I have always been very happy with my hearing aids and the service provided by all the staff at the Art of Hearing

Mrs. Emily Marchesi, Kelmscott