About Us

At The Art of Hearing we believe that caring for your hearing will improve your quality of life.

The Art of Hearing has dedicated itself to full-service, hearing solutions.

We want our clients to know they are supported in every step of the journey and leave with a solution that is right for them and their lifestyle.

Our Lead Practitioner, Ravi Gupta, has been an audiologist for over 25 years, having helped to improve the lives of many people with hearing difficulties. In the past few years, he has noticed a trend in the industry that is leaving more clients unhappy with their hearing solutions.

Rather than simply fitting hearing aids, Ravi and the team at The Art of Hearing are dedicated to changing peoples’ lives through a fully comprehensive hearing journey program.

Why choose better hearing at
The Art of Hearing?

  • Our team of experienced and university-trained Audiologists
  • Complete and coordinated approach to care for your hearing health
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art hearing solutions
  • Advanced equipment and testing facilities
  • Independent and unbiased advice that benefits you
  • Affordable hearing care
  • 1:1 After care
  • Five convenient locations in the Perth Metro Area
Ravi Gupta

Online services in healthcare have seen an alarming change in the quality of hearing solutions. You see, improving your hearing is far more than the purchase of a hearing aid. It requires fitting, testing and training to maximise effectiveness and minimise the intrusion on your day-to-day life. You simply cannot effectively improve your hearing by “buying off the rack”. It takes experience and understanding.

Ravi Gupta