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7 Tips for Communications at Home – What Works, What Doesn’t Work for Hearing Aids

The layout and sounds of most homes can make easy conversation a real challenge. Hearing aids alone won’t overcome these. The secret to improvement is usually a change of habits. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your hearing aids. Most importantly, consider:

Turn TV, radio down or off, for conversation. Also consider hearing accessories for easier listening e.g. wireless “streaming” of TV into hearing aids or headphones, a microphone for your partner

Conversation away from “cooking sounds”. Boiling, frying, fan and running water sounds all greatly reduce speech clarity

1-3 metres distance between people, where possible. Consonants will fade quickly with increasing distance i.e. the “t”, “h” “s”, “sh”, “th”, “f”, sounds. These add clarity and meaning to speech. When they’re reduced though, even clear speakers will sound like they’re “mumbling”

Slower and more patient speech is easier to follow than loud speech

“Line of sight” conversation i.e. face each other for clearer speech and lip-reading. Talking while walking away or from another room is very difficult, if not impossible, for hearing impaired people

Politely clarify when the meaning is lost. To work well, this takes the interest of the listener, patience of the speaker and perseverance of both

Still not working? Don’t endure the tension and frustration in silence – ask your Art of Hearing Audiologist for help! Ideally, we would like to see you and your partner for a 3-way chat. We will take away any sense that one is “right” or “wrong” and equip you both with more effective communication skills.


Having difficulty connecting your hearing aid to the TV? We have a selection of videos to assist you. Visit our Hearing Aid Troubleshoot & Maintenance page for more.

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