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How Can An Audiologist Help?

What is an audiologist and how can one help? Audiology is the branch of science that deals with disorders related to hearing and balance. As such an audiologist is a professional in the healthcare industry that handles the diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and management of hearing issues in newborns, children and adults. The most common duty is to certify hearing impairments and to prescribe hearing aids for them, as well as following up with the management and adjustments in the future. Hearing loss can be devastating but it doesn’t have to be. Seeing an audiologist can greatly improve the quality of life. Here are a few things that an audiologist can help with.

Hearing tests and Assessment of Condition

When hearing loss happens, it can be an anxious experience. An audiologist performs a thorough hearing test to assess the severity of the patient’s hearing impairment and determine whether the condition is reversible. The sophisticated technology tests not just volume but also tone and pitch, ensuring the most accurate results and the best possible treatment plan.

Fitting of Hearing Aids

There are numerous types and models of hearing aids at different price points on the market currently. This can make it difficult to just pick one out of the bunch but an audiologist can make a professional informed decision as to what hearing aid would suit you best based on the hearing test and results. They would be able to fine tune the hearing aid to match your unique hearing loss, to ensure optimum results.

Follow up Care and Service

In addition to fitting the hearing aids, audiologists also offer follow up care and services. Over time, factors such as age and exposure to noisy places such as construction sites, factories, nightclubs and concert venues can affect hearing. As hearing deteriorates and needs change, following up with a hearing healthcare professional will see those needs met so you can make the most of your hearing for longer.

Help With Balance

The inner ear is crucial to your ability to balance. Trauma and infection can compromise the inner ear. If vertigo or dizziness is present, an audiologist can help improve coordination and balance by coming up with a treatment plan as well as suggesting exercises to help you feel more stable.

Treatment of Tinnitus

A fairly common condition, tinnitus can be a symptom for various underlying issues such as blood pressure, noise exposure, emotional stress or allergies. There are numerous reasons for a patient to suffer from tinnitus and an audiologist will be able to determine the best course of action to treat it, depending on the cause.

Impacted Ear Wax

Wax buildup in the ear can cause symptoms like tinnitus, dizziness, ear pain and decreased hearing. Home removal of ear wax is considered inadvisable as inserting things like Q tips into the ear can often cause more harm than good. An audiologist will be able to remove the wax safely through irrigation or microsuction.

If you notice your hearing getting worse, make an appointment to see and audiologist now! Our team of experienced and trained audiologists at The Art of Hearing are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the best quality of life with proper diagnosis and treatment plans. If you’re looking for audiologist Perth, then call us at (08) 9390 8811 or book an appointment on our website at

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