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How Can I Test My Hearing

Hearing loss can be a very disconcerting experience. It can develop gradually as one ages or occur due to a serious infection. As it can affect people of all ages, it’s crucial to keep tabs on your hearing. People often take a long time to go to the clinic to get their hearing assessed. This is because it can occur so gradually in minor increments that it only becomes noticeable much later on. Early signs of hearing loss include:

  • Muffled voices especially in women and children
  • Trouble following conversations in noisy places
  • Straining to listen while on the telephone
  • Saying ‘what’ a lot more during conversations
  • Being tired from straining to hear conversations
  • People don’t seem to speak clearly
  • You often misunderstand what people say
  • Increased frustration during conversations
  • People mentioning that the TV or radio is too loud

Identifying hearing problems is not an easy process. Family members and friends may notice the symptoms and changes in your behaviour much sooner than you do.

Once hearing loss is suspected, it’s time to get an assessment. For those of us living in this digital age, the first instinct when something goes wrong is to search it up online. A simple search will yield a plethora of online hearing tests. An online hearing test provides the benefit of early detection. It’s a non-invasive and good way to start helping you gauge if there are any problems with your hearing. While sophisticated, these tests shouldn’t be considered as a diagnosis as they are affected by factors such as poor speaker quality and a noisy environment. They are accurate enough to provide a general overview of the state of your hearing but cannot identify the type of hearing issue and where it stems from. Being in mind their limitations, the next step would be to discuss the results with a certified hearing specialist to ensure that you’re getting the best treatment options for your condition.

Specialist clinics are equipped with advanced state of the art equipment and are able to conduct a broad range of hearing tests. Online hearing tests utilise ‘air conduction testing’ to determine a patient’s sensitivity to pitch and volume whereas an audiologist use a form of testing known as ‘bone conduction’ which uses specialised equipment to measure sound as it is transmitted through bone. This yields more accurate results and can pinpoint whether the hearing loss can be treated medically, or would benefit from being fitted with hearing aids and amplification devices.

If you’re finding it harder to hear lately, consider making an appointment to see an audiologist for a proper hearing assessment. Through extensive and thorough hearing tests, an audiologist will be able to offer relevant advice to assist with improving your quality of life. At the Art of Hearing, our team of experienced and trained audiologists are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the best quality of life with proper diagnosis and treatment plans. We provide unbiased product knowledge and extensive follow up care for all our patients. If you’re looking for hearing test Perth, then call us at (08) 9390 8811 or book an appointment on our website.

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