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Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are often associated with the elderly. However, hearing aids are worn by many age groups and provide benefits for many people. Hearing aids in Perth are incredibly sophisticated now. They are small and discreet, helping you to hear with clarity and comfort.

How Helpful Are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids can help to improve a person’s quality of life. Besides allowing you to hear conversations, a hearing aids allows you to enjoy music and many other sounds. Hearing aids provide a specific level of frequency amplification that compensates for the reduction of volume due to hearing loss. They are able to automatically adapt to various sounds and environments.

What Are Modern Hearing Aid Features and Benefits?

Modern hearing aids have come a long way over the last twenty years or so. One of the main functions of a hearing aid is to amplify sound. Since the emergence of digital technology in the late 1990’s, the sophistication of hearing aids in Perth have increased.

Each individual has their own unique pattern of hearing loss. So, sound is broken down into multiple frequency bands as it enters the hearing aid. Each band is amplified by the necessary amount to allow the individual’s level of hearing to return to the normal levels at the specific band.

So now you know that modern hearing aids have come a long way with improved technology over the years. But what are the benefits of wearing a hearing aid? Here are five of the top benefits hearing aids can bring to your life:

1. Quality of life

Hearing loss can be devastating and stressful for a person. It might make you want to avoid social situations and other events where you will struggle to hear or communicate with others. However, wearing a hearing aid is shown to improve social, emotional and psychological health. Many people who wear hearing aids state that it has had a positive impact on their social lives.

2. Improved Job Performance

Hearing loss not only impacts a person’s social life, it can also have negative effects on their work life. Miscommunications, not hearing instructions and struggling with other work-related interactions can begin to impact job performance. According to the Better Hearing Institute, those who wear hearing aids in Perth are 90-100% less likely to lose income. Also, the unemployment rate doubles for those with untreated hearing problems compared to people with corrected hearing.

3. Reduces Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is a common condition affecting more than 50 million people at some point in their lives. When this condition becomes serious, it can have many negative impacts on a person’s life. Hearing aids have been shown to reduce tinnitus symptoms, with around 82% of GPs claiming that patients experienced improvements from wearing a hearing aid.

4. No more Whistling Sounds

You may be familiar with the whistling sounds the many older hearing aids produced. This was caused by feedback. Modern hearing aids now detect the frequency of a sound wave and its shape that causes feedback, and then counteracts this feedback within fractions of a second. As a result, no more embarrassing whistling sounds coming from your hearing aid.

5. Reduces Cognitive Decline

The auditory system and our brains are closely related. Several studies have shown a connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline, particularly in older people. Researchers state that there may be a higher risk in those with hearing loss for developing cognitive issues and that hearing aids may help to reduce this effect on the brain.

Top 5 benefits of wearing hearing aids - Infographic

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