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Signs of hearing loss

Top Signs of Hearing Loss You Need To Look Out For

Although some form of hearing loss generally occurs as you grow older, people can experience hearing loss problems at any stage of their life. Due to hearing loss often being a gradual process, it can be challenging to tell whether you are experiencing some issues. The earlier that you can detect hearing loss the better, as this will allow you to prevent any further damage by making the necessary lifestyle changes and assessing the appropriate hearing loss solutions available to you. This article is your guide to identifying the usual signs of hearing loss, so you can catch the issue as soon as possible. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs or usual symptoms, it’s essential that you visit a qualified audiologist in Perth who can help to determine the exact problem with your hearing. 


Common signs of hearing loss

You may start to notice more of the usual signs of hearing loss over time or they may begin quite suddenly and be very obvious. Regardless of when they start to occur, these are some of the common signs of hearing loss to look out for: 


  • You start to have difficulty hearing in noisy environments such as bars or restaurants. The large amounts of background noise might interfere with how you are hearing, making it quite challenging to focus on people speaking or being able to have a conversation. 
  • Asking people to repeat themselves often, or requesting that they speak louder and with better pronunciation can be another sign that your hearing is degrading. Struggling to get the necessary sound signals to process someone talking is usually what causes us to keep saying “what?” 
  • As you age, you naturally become less receptive to higher frequencies. However, if you notice you are having trouble hearing within a higher frequency range, particularly when talking to women and children, you may have hearing loss. 
  • When having conversations with people, it may start to sound like the other person is mumbling, or you can’t quite distinguish between speech consonants. For example, a common problem people encounter is when they are trying to hear the difference between a “sh” and “th” sound in speech. 
  • With many of our conversations happening over the phone, another common sign of hearing loss comes when struggling to understand people over the phone or asking them to speak up. 
  • An overall sense of fatigue from straining yourself to try and hear throughout your daily life can have a big impact on your mental and physical health. If you notice a feeling of exhaustion or fatigue after a usual day of conversing with friends or family, this could be a sign of hearing loss. 


Book a Hearing Test with The Art Of Hearing 

Facing hearing loss can be a daunting subject, but the earlier you act on it, the quicker you can start to pursue suitable solutions. Although you won’t be able to reverse most types of hearing loss, visiting a specialist can help to improve what you hear in your daily life.


The Art of Hearing offers quick and professional hearing tests in Perth to help you assess the quality of your hearing. Our audiologists are experienced in dealing with people of all ages, and can always recommend the right hearing aids in Perth for your condition if it’s applicable.  


You can call one of our Perth audiology clinics today, or book an appointment at a time that’s suitable for you. You may also want to make use of our free online hearing test.

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