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What is Ear Wax? Why is it a Concern?

Ear wax, also known as cerumen,  is a substance secreted by the glands in the ear that protects the ear canal and ear drum from dust, particles, bacteria and other microorganisms. In normal and healthy instances, ear wax moves out of the ear naturally but about 6% of all people suffer from earwax blockage which can cause issues such as hearing loss, infection, tinnitus, itching, dizziness and a feeling of fullness.


Free Online Hearing Test

Hearing loss can be gradual, and often undetectable, as your brain adjusts to the level of hearing. This simple and free online hearing test can determine your base hearing capacity. Please note: this test is just a screening tool. If you have concerns, we suggest booking an appointment with our team for a comprehensive in-person hearing test.

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Causes of Ear Wax Build Up

Factors that cause ear wax to build up in the ear canal include:

  • Usage of cotton buds or other foreign objects to clean out the ear which can push the wax deeper into the ear
  • Frequent use of inner ear headphones, earbuds or earplugs
  • Unusual anatomy of the ear such as a narrow or bendy ear canal

The traditional method used for ear wax removal Perth has normally been syringing or irrigation which involves flushing the ear canal with a pressurised stream of water. However syringing is not appropriate for everyone with 1 in 1000 patients experiencing some sort of complication. A newer, safer and more effective procedure is microsuction ear wax removal.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

As hearing loss can be developed as one ages or due to infection, it is best to get acquainted with an audiologist to ease the transition in ones life. To get a Hearing Test in Perth, schedule an appointment with an Art of Hearing audiologist from the many clinics available around Perth. All the tools mentioned previously will be available in an audiologists clinic. No special preparations will be necessary when attending a test.

Audiologists & audiology clinics in Perth
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Ear Wax Treatment Perth

This method of ear wax removal should be carried out by a fully trained practitioner to ensure a pleasant and thorough experience. At the Art of Hearing, our team of experienced and trained audiologists are dedicated to full-service hearing solutions.

If you’re experiencing trouble with ear wax blockage, call our friendly team today at (08) 9390 8811 or contact us online here. To book an appointment with an audiologist for a free consultation, you can call or do it online here. A full list of our clinic locations can be found here.

Types of Hearing Tests at Art of Hearing

Tympanometry – This test is used to measure the movement of your eardrum in response to differences in air pressure. If you are having issues with your hearing, this will determine if there is a fluid or wax build up, or if your eardrum is perforated or has a tumor.

Acoustic Reflex Testing – To find the source of a hearing problem, as well as the type of hearing loss, this test is used to measure the involuntary muscle contractions of the middle ear, a key tool in detecting whether there is decreased admittance, which is a measure of how much sound gets into the ear.

Pure Tone Testing – Using air conduction, your ability to hear sounds at various pitches and volumes will be tested and the results will be charted on an audiogram. You will sit in a specially designed booth, and wear headphones. Every time you hear a sound, you will be instructed to press a button or raise a hand.

Bone Conduction Testing – This is another type of pure-tone testing that can help determine your type of hearing loss by measuring your inner ear’s response to sound. A conductor will be placed behind your ear, sending tiny vibrations through the bone directly to the inner ear. This differs from the traditional testing, which makes use of air to send audible sounds.

Speech Testing– This type of testing is used to measure your speech reception threshold (SRT), or the faintest speech you can understand 50 percent of the time. It is administered in either a quiet or noisy environment and measures your ability to separate speech from background noise.

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Hearing Tests & Audiology Assessments

We have a broad profile of hearing tests available for patients. Our state of art equipment and facilities enable us to perform advanced testing.

Free Online Hearing Test

Concerned about your hearing loss? Not sure if you if you have hearing loss? Take a quick 3 minute test below. This is a screening tool for Hearing Loss.

Private Hearing Tests

Appointment bookings are essential for a hearing test. We perform these tests on adults and children. Click the link below to request a booking, our staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

Tinnitus Assessment

Are you suffering from ringing ears? Our audiologists can perform tinnitus assessment tests to measure the scale of your condition.

Government Funded Hearing Tests

Eligible patients can receive free hearing tests, aids and services from Art of Hearing. To check your eligibility or to transfer your services to the Art of Hearing, request a booking below.

WorkCover, DVA or Pre-Employment Hearing Tests

We are an accredited provider for Workcover hearing assessments. Our audiologists also provide special hearing assessments for DVA & Pre-employment including pilot assessments.

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With Over 5 Clinics in Perth, it has never been easier to make Art of Hearing your favourite destination for all your hearing needs.

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