Complete Hearing Aid Solutions Perth

We have a diverse & latest range of hearing aids by the biggest hearing aid brands in Australia.

Hearing Aids & Devices

At Art of Hearing, we house the latest range of all the biggest brands in hearing aid devices. Our range of hearing aids gives our clients the options to choose the hearing device that is just right for their needs.

Our range of hearing aids includes the biggest brands alike;

  • Phonak
  • Unitron
  • Oticon
  • Resound
  • Sigma
  • Widex

Best Prices, Best Service

When you buy at the Art of Hearing, you don’t just get your hearing aid, but you also get our professional & caring service, our experienced team, and our lifetime care support. 

“We support our clients throughout their journey towards better hearing solutions, and provide solutions that our best suited to their lifestyle”

Hearing Aids and Solutions

Hearing aids are one of the solutions for hearing impairments. Living with hearing loss can be a debilitating experience but our team of experts at “The Art Of Hearing” are prepared to offer our expertise on the solutions one would need for hearing loss. Hearing loss is described as an impairment that affects listening. As one gets older around the age of 65, some hearing loss is expected and this could cause discomfort in daily activities.

Hearing Aids Range in Perth

There are many brands of hearing aids Perth that are available. A few brands are Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens Signia, Unitron, Starkey and GN Resound. The range of hearing aids available can be divided into the Premium, Advanced, Mid-range, Essential and Basic ranges. 

The cost of each range can be summed up as $2990 to $3450 for the premium range, $2650 to $3250 in the advanced range, $2450-$2650 belonging to the mid-range, between $1450 to 1950 for the essential range and from $850 to $1350 for the budget range per piece. The premium option offers the best hearing experience and as we progress down the range, the quality of the hearing experience also drops. In the basic line it would be safe to say that they handle most general solutions well. 

  • Notable devices in the Premium range are Oticon Opn 1, Siemens Signia Pure 7Nx, Phonak Audeo Marvel M90, and Unitron Moxi Pro. 
  • While in the advanced range includes Oticon Opn 2, Siemens Signia Pure 5 Nx, Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 and Unitron Moxi ALL 800. 
  • In the mid-range, there are the Oticon Opn 3, Siemens Signia Pure 3 Nx, Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 and Unitron Moxi Tempus 700 devices. 
  • The Essential range consists of Oticon Siya, Siemens Signia Pure 2 Nx, Phonak Audeo Marvel M30 and Unitron Moxi 600.
  • Budget devices are like the Oticon Nera Pro, Widex Beyond Z 110, Unitron Moxi 500.

Audiology Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids are designed to make sounds audible for a person with hearing loss and are classified as medical devices in most nations around the world. There is no one hearing aid to rule them all, thus hearing aids are generally configured to match each individual patient as the needs and environment is different for each individual.

Choosing a hearing aid depends on the quality of life that one would like to have. Get in touch with us at “The Art of Hearing” for your free consultation on Audiology Hearing Aid needs.  Book an appointment or dial the number (08) 9390 8811. Art of Hearing Clinics around Perth can be found on our location page.

Best Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a renowned Swiss hearing aid brand who is one of the biggest in the world. They produce high quality hearing aids and are seen as a premium hearing aid manufacturer. They are the only hearing aid brand that have a full range of rechargeable hearing aid models. 

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer and arguably the biggest hearing aid brand in the world. They are famous for their focus on Brain Hearing. . They really are excelllent.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is another Danish hearing aid brand. They are well known for their unique sound quality and are seen as a premium hearing aid manufacturer. Their latest hearing aids are the Evoke range which is the first ever hearing aid range with a machine learning feature.

Unitron Hearing Aid

Unitron are a sister brand to Phonak, although they share some of the same technology, Unitron offers some unique and outstanding features. Their latest hearing aids are the Tempus range which includes their first rechargeable hearing aids and a Made For Any phone hearing device.

Resound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that have become famous for their Made For iPhone hearing aid technology. They were first to market with a made for iPhone hearing aid. Their latest offering is the LiNX 3D range which offers a complete range of hearing aid models.

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia is the new brand name for Siemens hearing aids. They have quickly built upon the legacy of Siemens hearing aids offering ever more innovative hearing aids with fantastic sound quality. Their new Nx hearing aids are the only hearing aids to offer a new way of handling the user’s voice which makes wearing them easy.

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