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Just how effective are hearing aids? Do I need them?

Living with hearing loss can be a highly stressful and debilitating reality, but one that can be significantly improved with the help of a hearing aid. Many people who are dealing with hearing impairments can benefit from hearing aids. It is important to note here that hearing aids are only effective when recommended by a qualified audiologist who has completed a hearing test to assess your level of hearing loss. This blog from the audiologist team at the Art of Hearing aims to help you understand the effectiveness of hearing aids and whether or not they can be useful for your circumstances. 

How do hearing aids work? 

A hearing aid is a specific device that works to amplify certain frequencies, allowing you to hear more clearly. The device does this by receiving sound into a small microphone, which then converts the sound waves to electrical signals, before sending these to an amplifier. The amplifier then works to boost the strength of these signals and transmits them into your ear through a small speaker. 


The digital hearing aids that are quite common today are programmed especially to help amplify sounds based on your own hearing loss. This is why these devices need to be fitted and tuned correctly in order for them to be as effective as they can be. An experienced audiologist can help with this process as well as being an important point of contact through the adjustment period when you first put in the hearing aid


How can hearing aids help?

Depending on the severity and type of your hearing loss, hearing aids can make a big improvement in the hearing and comprehension of those people experiencing hearing loss. Hearing aids are useful for those who are experiencing sensorineural hearing loss, where the small sensory cells in your inner ear have been damaged. Typically, the greater damage done to these cells, the higher the amplification in the hearing aid needs to be. However, in some cases where the inner ear of the patient is too severely damaged, the use of a hearing aid to try and amplify sounds would be ineffective. 


Based on the results of a professional hearing test, an audiologist will be able to tell you about the condition of your inner ear and whether the damage that it has received can be helped by the use of a hearing aid. 

Hearing Tests Perth 

Many people may go a long period of time without realising that they could be benefitting from a hearing aid. In situations where you are unsure about your hearing or believe you have noticed a decrease in your ability to hear in certain environments, it’s best to visit an audiologist for a hearing test. Furthermore, by having a hearing test done in person or online, the audiologist can help recommend the best hearing aid for your specific needs. 

The qualified audiologists at The Art of Hearing can help as we have a number of different hearing tests available for our patients. You can schedule a hearing test in Perth at one of our clinics by making an appointment online. If you can’t make it into one of our clinics, we also offer an online hearing test, so you can assess your hearing from the comfort of your own home.

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