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One size doesn’t fit all. What’s the best hearing aid on the market?

Finding the best hearing aid on the market is a different process for everyone, and ultimately comes down to a number of different factors. The most suitable hearing aid for you will depend on your type of hearing loss, the advice from your hearing care professional, the sort of lifestyle you typically lead, and the environments that you find yourself in. Hearing aids are not simply items that can be bought off the shelf after reading a few reviews online, as they are a medical device that needs to be specifically fit. An important part of the process in finding the best hearing aids in Perth is to visit a qualified audiologist, like the ones at Art of Hearing, who can help identify a suitable option for you.


Types of Hearing Aids 

At the most elemental level, hearing aids can be broken down into basic, essential, mid-range, advanced and premium. As you might expect, you will be paying for quality in that the premium hearing aids offer the best hearing experience at a higher price point. These prices can range from $3450 at the top of the premium level to $850 in the basic range. 


However, even at the basic level, these hearing aids can handle most general solutions well. It is far better to have a mid-range hearing aid that is well suited to your needs, than an expensive and inappropriate one bought from a large wholesaler. This is why there is no magic hearing aid product that is considered the “best” on the market. 


The audiologists at the Art of Hearing offer a range of different hearing aids from the largest brands including Phonak, Oticon, Resound and Sigma. We can help find the most suitable brand and hearing aid for you after conducting a professional hearing test at one of our clinics in Perth. 

Buying Hearing Aids Online 

If you choose to skip the important step of consulting with an audiologist and buy what you believe to be a cheap hearing aid online, you may end up with an ill-fitted or inappropriate device for your ear shape and hearing condition. This could result in that expensive investment being a waste of time and money as it’s not suitable for your situation. 


Hearing aids themselves have an adjustment period, where it takes a bit of time to get used to how they feel and operate. This is another reason why it’s important to visit an experienced audiologist, as they can help you navigate through this often confusing time. Art of Hearing is here to be a helpful point of contact if you need to quickly reach out about anything regarding your hearing aid. There is also the added benefit that an experienced audiologist can also advise on some of the government-funded options that may be available to you. 

Art Of Hearing

The qualified audiologists at Art of Hearing offer a number of different invisible hearing aids, helping patients to find the optimum hearing solution for their needs. Once we have conducted a hearing test at one of our clinics, we can advise you on the most suitable treatment options, including fitting the best hearing aid for your individual hearing loss.

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