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For over 50 years, Unitron has developed life-enhancing hearing experiences that support clients through every stage of the hearing care journey.

Unitron Hearing Aid

Story of Unitron Hearing Aids

Originally founded in 1964, in Canada, Unitron has now become a global brand in the Hearing Aid industry. 


Unitron is committed to developing technologies, services and programs that offer extraordinary levels of personalization. Their business belief is that people should feel really good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish.

What Technology is Found in Unitron Hearing Aids?

Unitron has focussed on delivering unique experience by design and comprehensive FLEX™ experience to both help and empower people, from their very first hearing appointment through to choosing, buying, and using their hearing aids. Some unique technology found in Unitron Hearing Aids includes;


  • SoundCore: Monitors ambient sounds to automatically adjust to any changes. If a band starts playing in the restaurant, SoundCore adjusts your hearing aid.
  • SpeechPro: This dims ambient sounds and amplifies speech sounds to help you hear what people are saying in noisy places.
  • Spatial Awareness: This helps you know who is speaking and what they’re saying in group speech environments, and other complicated sound environments.
  • SoundNav: Improves subtle sound details by examining the sound atmosphere 689 times per second.
  • Sound Conductor: Preserves a natural listening experience while making speech easier to hear.


Unitron Hearing Aids 3
Unitron Hearing Aids 4

Some Unique Features of Unitron Hearing Aids

  • Antishock 2: Prevents the jarring and potentially damaging effects of loud, unexpected noises.
  • Automatic Adaption Manager: Assists people who have never used a hearing aid to slowly get used to the device by gradually increasing the hearing aid action over time.
  • Binaural Phone: Directs telephone sounds to both ears hands free and wirelessly.
  • Frequency Compression: Converts the frequency of inaudible sounds to an audible frequency for better comprehension.
  • Log It All Remote Plus App: Records all of your hearing aid sounds in a smartphone app. This lets you review your hearing experiences with a hearing aid technician to pinpoint and resolve hearing aid problem areas.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Equips the hearing aid with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to constantly change batteries.

Range of Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron offers a broad selection of hearing aids designs and technology; from Moxi™ Jump and Fit receiver-in-canal devices to behind-the-ear Stride™ and custom-made in-the-ear called Insera aids. Which hearing aid will work best for you depends on many factors, including your level of hearing loss, comfort, preferred placement on the ear, preferred level of technology, price, and more. Unitron hearing aids are classed into 5 technology levels.
Below we introduce the Unitron Hearing Aid range available at Art of Hearing – Invisible Hearing Solutions.

Moxi Available in Blu, Discover Next, Discover and Tempus technology platforms.
Stride Available in Blu, Discover Next, Discover and Tempus technology platforms.
Insera Available in Discover Next, Discover and Tempus technology platforms.

Range NameAge CompatibilitySpecial FeaturesWearing Styles

Rechargeable Option

Equalizer app

Bluetooth Direct Streaming

Connect to both Apple and Android

4 Technology Options

Prism Platform


Rechargeable Option

Bluetooth Direct Streaming

Connect to both Apple and Android

4 Technology Options


Customised In the Ear Models

Bluetooth via Streamer on Canal – ITE

5 Technology Options


Unitron Blu Range

The Blu platform is powered by the new Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip which offers double the memory when compared to previous platforms. Blu features Integra OS, the highly advanced signal processing system that delivers an adaptable, personalised and freeing hearing experience like never before.

Unitron Blu platform is available in the Moxi and Stride range.

Unitron Discover Next Range

The unique engine inside Discover Next helps people get to the heart of conversations

SoundCore™ delivers more than just sounds and words. It delivers key nuances of speech and environmental cues to provide a realistic hearing experience. The powerful, integrated SoundCore system enables your clients to understand the deeper meaning in conversations and makes Discover Next one of the world’s most intelligent platforms.

Unitron Tempus Range

Expect natural and comfortable hearing with the Tempus platform. Tempus platform dynamically balances conversations, sound awareness, and optimal sound quality, leaving users with improved speech understanding and natural comfortable hearing everywhere they go – regardless of background noise.

Features & Options for
Unitron Hearing Aids


Lapel worn microphone for one-to-one conversations in noisy environments - streaming speech directly to Hearing Aid.

Remote Plus app

The Remote Plus app allows users to customise their hearing aids to their needs.

TV Connector

Watch your favourite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your Hearing Aids.

Remote Control

Perfect for clients who want more control over their listening experience, Remote control 2 lets them discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs.

Rechargeable Option

Unitron Hearing Aids range now comes in rechargeable options.

Oticon On App

Adjust volume, change programmes and do more with the convenience of your smart phone.

Connect to Devices

Oticon range can provide compatibility to connect with your TV, Computer, Music Player and more with Bluetooth.

Connect Clip Microphone

Gives hands-free calls and stereo music streaming with most modern smartphone, and it’s also a remote microphone.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Plug in at night and wake up to full power – and still use conventional batteries anytime.

Tinnitus SoundSupport

Oticon’s relief sound generator offers your clients a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds.

Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for You?

Speak to our Art of Hearing team, we have a range of options for fitting styles, and our experienced audiologists can assist you with the fitment of your device.

Behind the Ear BTE Hearing Aid at Art of Hearing

Behind-The-Ear hearing aid

Fit most hearing loss types
Easy-to-use buttons
Rechargeable options available
Remarkable connectivity

In the Ear ITE Hearing Aids at Art of Hearing

In-The-Ear or
Canal hearing aids

For mild to severe hearing loss
Custom-made to fit your ears
Easy-to-use buttons
Remarkable connectivity*

*Only available in selected styles

Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid at Art of Hearing

Completely In Canal Hearing Aid

Almost Invisible
Mild to Moderate hearing loss
No buttons & limited connectivity

Invisible Hearing Aids (IIC) at Art of Hearing

Invisible Hearing Aids

Completely Invisible
Mild to Modearate hearing loss
Reduced connectivity

Receiver in the earBehind the earIn the earIn the canalCompletely in the canalInvisible in the canal

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