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Invisible Hearing Aids – Myths & Realities

Invisible Hearing Aids – Myths & Realities

“Invisible” is the most desired hearing aid in the world, but – does it really exist, and is it “the best” for you?


First, some background. Hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes. The two main profiles are:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE), in which a small device sits behind the ear and directs sound into the canal through a custom made shell or silicone “dome”; and
  • In-the-ear (ITE) aid, which sits in the canal opening, and is based on a cast of the ear (see also: in-the-canal, mini-canal and completely-in-the-canal profiles).

A “good fit” for an ITE depends on several factors. The first is the size and angles of your ear hole opening and canal. Some canals are so tiny, an ITE isn’t possible. Next, can you physically manage the device and it’s batteries? Do you need a volume or other useful control on the aid? These take up additional space and can broaden the visible part of the aid. Wireless connection to an app on your phone is an obvious replacement for these controls. This option is very new i.e. it became available in 2020. Finally, a more severe hearing loss will require more power, and extra space to contain the stronger electronics.

A common myth is that the smaller a hearing aid, the clearer or more superior it must be. Certainly, the microphone of a small ITE may be more shielded from wind noise, and interfere less with some glasses or when playing sports. Otherwise, the sound quality will depend upon the processing speed and features of the electronic circuitry of the device – regardless of its size. This article describes electronic features of ITE’s and BTE’s of relevance to your hearing loss and lifestyle: “Personalising Hearing Technology“.

Another myth is that ITE’s are more discrete than BTE’s. This is generally true, however there are now many exceptions. In the last decade, the behind-the-ear component and tube leading to the canal have considerably “shrunk” in size. If you are still skeptical, try this – next time you visit a crowded place such as a shopping centre, casually survey the back of people’s ears. You will see many BTE’s you otherwise wouldn’t have spotted. You may also notice that the least visible devices are a similar colour to the wearer’s hair, skin or shadowy section behind the ear. Measureable size isn’t always a good guide as to what is noticeable to the eye. Other aids are bold and signal the wearer appreciates their sophisticated little hearing helper (as many of us also do with our Bluetooth and other ear-level devices).

Returning to the topic – many ITE’s are hard to see, but rarely invisible. There is one exception, however, the Phonak Lyric. Lyric is inserted deep into the canal. Your audiologist can advise whether this device is appropriate to your degree of hearing loss, needs and skills.

When choosing a new hearing aid, size may or may not matter as much as you first thought. Sound quality, fine tuning and changes in communication style will also determine ongoing success (see “Success with Hearing Aids”, “Hearing Loss & Communication at Home”).

Looking for an invisible hearing aid option? Lyric by Phonak is the World’s only truly invisible hearing aid. Learn more below;

Lyric Hearing Aids Perth

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Invisible Hearing Aids

World's Only 100% Invisible Hearing Aid

Free 30 Day Obligation Free Trial

Phonak Hearing Aids

Lyric by Phonak - Invisible Hearing Aids

  • 100% Invisible – Placed in your ear canal, Lyric remains completely out of sight – invisible to the world.
  • Clear, natural sound – Enjoy full natural sound everywhere you go.
  • 24/7 hearing – Wear Lyric around the clock for months at a time without taking it out* through daily activities such as exercising or even showering**.
  • Lyric can be worn in most situations – Various sports, sleeping, wearing ear phones, with a helmet or even in the shower*.
  • Lyric is easy to use – Once it’s fitted you can enjoy quality hearing for months at a time.
  • No maintenance – No battery to change.

Lyric Hearing Aids in Perth

The Lyric hearing aid is an invisible hearing aids that is placed near the ear canal within a few millimetres from the eardrum. The exterior is covered with a soft foam material that is designed to fit the contours of the ear canal which also protects the device from moisture and ear wax. It functions by using the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify sounds and can be worn around the clock, day and night without having to be taken out, even while sleeping and exercising. They are designed to be worn for months at a time without a battery change. They are simple to insert and remove but insertions must be carried out by a certified audiologist.

Lyric Lifestyle
Lyric by Phonak

A Decade of Lyric Hearing Aid Dominance

Lyric invisible hearing aids are here to revolutionise hearing aid technology. They are to ears what contact lenses are to eyes; they are completely invisible while functioning at a higher level than your typical hearing aids. Here’s an introduction to the game-changing Lyric invisible hearing aids, available from The Art of Hearing clinic

Why Buy Hearing Aids at Art of Hearing?

When you purchase hearing aids at Art of Hearing, you dont just get a fitted device, you get everything below. For some clients, these services are provided free of charge on annual contracts.
We pride in the delivery of our service which keeps our customers happy & satisfied.

Professional Support

The Art of Hearing team is always a call away for all your hearing needs. If you have difficulty with your device, contact your closest clinic and we will assist you as soon as practical.

Hearing Aid Adjustments

If your hearing aids are not performing as per your expectations, you can always have them adjusted. Book an appointment with our experienced audiologists.

Hearing Aid Repairs

It can be difficult to find support when your hearing aids malfunction or stop working. At Art of Hearing, we can perform diagnostics and repair on your hearing aids.

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Batteries & Maintenance

We stock all batteries & maintenance products for hearing aids. When in need of batteries, accessories, or maintenance, you can drop in to one of our shops or purchase online.

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Book a Trial for Lyric Hearing Aids

Experience this truly invisible hearing aid free of obligation for 30 days. Request a booking today.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

As it is placed within the ear canal, Lyric hearing aids are completely invisible from the outside, even when people are standing right next to you. This makes it an effective option for self-conscious people. Fitted properly, it creates a clear and natural listening environment. Lyric can easily be adjusted and removed with the use of a special magnetic tool called Soundlync. 

There are numerous benefits that come with using a Lyric hearing aid:

  • It helps with Tinnitus management, 
  • reduces wind noise and 
  • produces a more natural listening experience.
lyrics hearing aids perth
lyric invisible hearing aids perth

Some Aspects to Consider for Lyric Hearing Aids

It is also possible to use ear-level listening devices like telephones and headphones with little to no feedback. However, it is not suitable for every level of hearing loss, only mild and moderate cases will see the best results. Moreover, it is only water-resistant not waterproof so activities like underwater swimming and diving are not recommended. In addition, patients who have MRIs often are not advised to be fitted with a Lyric Hearing Aid as the device utilises magnets.

Lyrics Hearing Aids

If you’re looking for more information about Lyric Hearing Aids, consult a certified audiologist at the Art of Hearing. Our team of experienced and trained audiologists are dedicated to providing full-service hearing solutions. 

Find out whether a Lyric is suitable for you today! Call the friendly team at (08) 9390 8811 or contact us online here. To book an appointment, you can call or do it online here. A full list of our clinic locations can be found here.

Ear Wax Removal in Perth

Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for You?

Speak to our Art of Hearing team, we have a range of options for fitting styles, and our experienced audiologists can assist you with the fitment of your device.

Behind the Ear BTE Hearing Aid at Art of Hearing

Behind-The-Ear hearing aid

Fit most hearing loss types
Easy-to-use buttons
Rechargeable options available
Remarkable connectivity

In the Ear ITE Hearing Aids at Art of Hearing

In-The-Ear or
Canal hearing aids

For mild to severe hearing loss
Custom-made to fit your ears
Easy-to-use buttons
Remarkable connectivity*

*Only available in selected styles

Completely in Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid at Art of Hearing

Completely In Canal Hearing Aid

Almost Invisible
Mild to Moderate hearing loss
No buttons & limited connectivity

Invisible Hearing Aids (IIC) at Art of Hearing

Invisible Hearing Aids

Completely Invisible
Mild to Modearate hearing loss
Reduced connectivity

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