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“Everyone will experience hearing loss” – when’s the right time for a Hearing Aid?

“Everyone will experience hearing loss” – when’s the right time for a Hearing Aid? Hearing Loss is a degenerative ailment which will impact everyone at some point in their lives. What differs amongst people is the rate of hearing loss, ...
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Hearing Protection

Temporary Hearing Loss – Causes and Solutions

A sudden loss of hearing can be alarming. Finding clear information at short notice can add to the stress. This article covers some of the main reasons, with tips on what you can do next. Below are the top reasons ...
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Invisible Hearing Aids – Myths & Realities

Invisible Hearing Aids – Myths & Realities

"Invisible" is the most desired hearing aid in the world, but - does it really exist, and is it "the best" for you? First, some background. Hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes. The two main profiles are: Behind-the-ear ...
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Using hearing aids can reduce risk of dementia and potentially falls in older adults.

Hearing Aids can potentially reduce Dementia & Falls in Older Adults – Recent Research

1. Hearing Loss & Dementia If you are experiencing hearing loss, you are 33% more likely to develop dementia with age. A new study from University of Exeter and the University of Michigan provides further evidence that encouraging people to ...
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Tips Success with Hearing Aids - Blog by Art of Hearing

Tips for your Success with Hearing Aids

SUCCESS WITH HEARING AIDS Hearing aids “in the top drawer”, “too noisy”, “uncomfortable”, “hard to manage”. We’ve all heard these comments. Here is your guide to avoiding them and getting the best hearing help possible. THE BASICS Reduce wax blockage ...
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What is Tinnitus?

Something Can be Done about Tinnitus! The Art of Hearing Tinnitus Service

What is Tinnitus? We all have tinnitus – a sound in the head which can change in pitch and loudness. Common sounds heard are ringing, hissing, a pulse, “motors” and “cicada’s”. Many people become irritated, angry or even desperate, when ...
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Covid 19 and Hearing Loss New Research

Coronavirus (COVID-19) can potentially cause hearing impairment, deterioration and tinnitus

While research into the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 commonly known as COVID-19 has been rather rapid and progressive, we are still yet to determine the pathogenesis and long-term health impacts for people who suffer from this pathogen. There is growing evidence ...
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Hearing Assessment

What Happens at your Art of Hearing Appointments?

  YOUR HEARING ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT Congratulations on taking this first step – a test of hearing and ear health, and review of options for help!  This guide explains much of what will happen in your appointment. YOUR HISTORY We will ...
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Lyric Relationship

Hearing Aids: Why Bother?

Written By: Ian Henderson (Audiologist at the Art of Hearing) Republished and edited with permission from Audiology Now (Summer Edition 2007) Common Reasons Given for Not Trying Hearing Aids In most cases, the resistance is an understandable, human one. We ...
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tinnitus remedies

Hearing Aids Can Help Reduce Cognitive Decline – Recent Research

Recent studies have indicated that hearing aids could potentially improve cognitive decline, an eventual outcome for those affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss is very common in older adults. On average, based on studies in Australia, Europe and the US, it ...
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