hearing health

9 reasons to make hearing health your priority in 2019

Is hearing health something you’ve been putting off? Here’s 9 reasons why 2019 is the year to put your hearing first.

Communicate better

Clear communication is the basis of a healthy relationship. Which is why hearing loss can cause such frustration, lead to disagreements and increase stress between spouses, family members or friends.

Avoid the arguments about who said what and schedule yourself a hearing test instead.

Be more social

Untreated hearing loss is a known contributor to issues like depression, anxiety and can add to feelings of social isolation. Patients receiving proper treatment for hearing impairment find themselves report feeling more confident in social situations, seeing an improvement in their relationships, and experiencing a greater feeling of satisfaction in other areas of their lives too.

Increase productivity

It can be challenging put in our best work if we’re struggling to hear over the sounds of the daily office grind. If you’re finding it harder to follow conversations during meetings, or hear your colleagues at the lunch table, it might be time to get a hearing assessment.

Improve coordination

How we hear is about more than just our ears. Balance, gait, and environmental awareness are all factors impacted by hearing loss. If you feel that your balance is being affected it could be related to your hearing.

Deter dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Studies have shown links between hearing loss, and both dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to a deterioration of cognitive abilities. The risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s is almost triple for those suffering from moderate hearing loss, so regular hearing can become a valuable preventative measure.

Check for early warning signs

A hearing test is a useful way to help you monitor your overall health. It might come as a surprise but hearing loss can provide early warning signs and red flags for other serious health conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Your workplace is noisy

If you regularly work in a loud environment, then a hearing check should be one of your top priorities this year. Construction sites and factories aren’t the only workplaces that can have an impact on your hearing. Shopping malls, nightclubs, concert venues are just a few of the other environments with a constant exposure to noise that could be affecting your hearing.

It’s been two years or more since your last hearing test

Hearing loss can be gradual. A hearing test every two years gives your audiologist plenty of data to measure against your baseline exam. Which means you can catch signs of hearing loss earlier. If you’re already using a hearing aid, then regular tests help ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

You’ve never had a hearing test

How well we can hear plays a huge role in our quality of life and impacts us in our day to day activities in more ways than you might think. If you’ve never had a hearing check-up before, you’re unaware of how your hearing health could be affecting your daily life.

Remember, seeing you is the key to better hearing

If any of these reasons strike a chord with you, it could be time to reach out to the experts at The Art of Hearing to learn more about how we can help you hear better.

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