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A Decade of Better Hearing: Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

2019 marks 10 years since the Lyric invisible hearing aid was first developed. A hearing aid made from breathable material which could be inserted into the ear canal and worn long term. It was the world’s first truly invisible hearing aid option, unable to be seen from any angle. With no battery requirements, and no need to remove the device to sleep or for day-to-day activities, a truly revolutionary piece of technology.

When it was first released to the market in 2012, the Lyric hearing aid was able to fit about 54% of ears. In the ten years since it’s development, Lyric has undergone constant upgrades and redesigns. Today, the Lyric 3.2 fits 91% of ears.

Lyric is still the only invisible hearing aid option

Even after ten years, Lyric remains the only invisible hearing aid on the market. But Lyric’s design wasn’t just based on vanity and aesthetics. There’s plenty of sound evidence which shows that Sound quality improves with a device’s proximity to the tympanic membrane. Having a device deep in the ear canal provides many benefits for the hearing impaired, including an overall increase in gain and output, especially in the high frequencies.

The current generation of Lyric hearing aid is inserted just 4mm from the eardrum. Thanks to its design, the biocompatible foam contours to the shape of the ear canal. This means that unlike external hearing aids, Lyric uses the ear’s natural anatomy to amplify and process sounds more organically.

It’s a hearing aid that can actually help with tinnitus

Research into Lyric as a treatment for those who suffer from tinnitus showed that an extended wear device could mitigate some of the limitations of traditional hearing aids when it came to the treatment of tinnitus.

Previous research has suggested that patients who suffer from tinnitus experience relief when increased input is provided to the auditory pathway by a hearing aid. However, traditional hearing aids require removal during different activities, and they are unable to be worn while sleeping. A time when tinnitus symptoms are often at their worst.

The study looked at 15 participants and was authored by Phonak’s Medical Director Jacob Johnson. Who is also an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery at the University of California in San Francisco.

The participants all suffered from tinnitus to varying degrees. With 50% experiencing moderate problems with tinnitus, 33% with small problems and 17% with a severe problem.

The results were promising, with all participants experiencing a decreased impact from their symptoms. Participants reported the greatest improvements with regards to the intrusiveness of symptoms, and during sleep.

While further studies will need to be undertaken, the findings of this research suggest Lyric invisible hearing aids could provide a further treatment option for those affected by tinnitus.

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