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The advantages of digital hearing aids

Technology has evolved a lot in recent years to benefit a number of industries, healthcare included. Thanks to modern technology, we’ve seen improved health-tracking devices, better patient care and more job openings for healthcare workers. In the hearing care industry specifically, the turn towards digital has opened up a huge number of benefits for individuals with hearing problems. Gone are the days of the bulky hearing aid, and in its place, are the smarter, digital and invisible hearing aids we see today. At The Art of Hearing in Perth, we have a range of modern and high quality digital hearing aids available to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Sound quality – The development of sophisticated digital hearing technology has led to a vast improvement in the quality and effectiveness of modern hearing solutions. Digital hearing aids can enhance speech signals whilst also separating background noise, which is something that can often prove a problem with traditional hearing aids. Modern hearings aids can also adapt automatically to different environments without the need for manual adjustments, making for a more natural overall hearing experience.

Invisibility – In the past, one of the biggest disadvantages of traditional hearing aids has been their visibility. Whilst hearing loss isn’t a new phenomenon, bulky hearing aids can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness, particularly amongst children or teenagers suffering from hearing problems. Thanks to improved technology, digital hearing aids have now adapted in terms of both size and visibility. Made to fit the individual’s ear canal and skin tone, the invisible hearing aids we see today are more discreet and more effective in terms of their ability to enhance and regulate sounds. At The Art of Hearing audiology clinics, we offer a full fitting and tuning service to ensure your digital hearing aids perfectly match your hearing requirements.

Adaptability – The emergence of digital hearing technology has led to a more flexible and adaptable hearing experience. One of the biggest advantages of digital hearing aids is the fact they can easily be reprogrammed should your hearing problem worsen. If this is the case, you should visit your Perth hearing specialists who will be able to adjust your hearing aids accordingly.

Fewer interruptions: As opposed to older analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids are better adapted to withstand feedback from phones and other mobile devices. Thanks to their digital design, modern hearing aids also allow for the streaming of electronic devices directly into your ear.

Invisible hearing aids from The Art of Hearing

Aside from their compact and comfortable design, digital hearing aids now provide a more convenient and higher quality hearing solution for individuals suffering from hearing loss. Whether you require a hearing test or are looking to upgrade to a more modern hearing aid, the audiologists at The Art of Hearing offer a comprehensive testing, fitting and tuning service to help you find a hearing solution that meets your individual requirements.

To find out more about our hearing solutions, or to book an appointment at one of our Perth audiology clinics, visit The Art of Hearing website or call us on (08) 9390 8811.

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