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Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

An Introduction To Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

While hearing aids have the power to positively transform the lives of those with hearing impairments, living with hearing aids isn’t all smooth sailing. A common concern of people who use them is the stigma surrounding the physical appearance of hearing aids. Studies have shown that hearing aids are associated with old age more than wheelchairs and glasses and that this often discourages people from reporting experiencing hearing loss.

Thankfully, Lyric invisible hearing aids are here to revolutionise hearing aid technology. They are to ears what contact lenses are to eyes; they are completely invisible while functioning at a higher level than your typical hearing aids. Here’s an introduction to the game-changing Lyric invisible hearing aids, available from The Art of Hearing clinic.

The world’s first invisible hearing aid

So, what is an ‘invisible’ hearing aid? Lyric invisible hearing aids are significantly smaller than traditional hearing aids; in fact, they are smaller than the tip of your finger. Placed in the ear, close to the eardrum by a trained professional, Lyric invisible hearing aids contour to the ear canal. And once in, Lyric hearing aids cannot be seen from any angle.

How do Lyric hearing aids work?

Lyric invisible hearing aids are designed for anyone with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. They capture and amplify sounds differently to a traditional hearing device. This means you won’t miss the most delicate of sounds, from the rustle of autumn leaves to birdsong at sunrise. This is because they are in the ear canal, where sound is captured, thereby enabling the restoration of sound in the most natural way possible.

Lyric’s revolutionary deep ear technology uses the ear’s natural shape to pick up sound and amplify it with minimal processing. Simply visit any specially trained Certified Lyric Provider, like The Art of Hearing, to have an audiologist place the Lyric invisible hearing aid in your ear during a routine hearing appointment.

How do I pay for Lyric invisible hearing aids?

The only way that you can pay for your Lyric invisible hearing aids is through their subscription model. A subscription covers one year of Lyric invisible hearing aids and includes servicing and replacement devices. Each Lyric device lasts for approximately two to three months, and there is no need to take the aids out of the ears every night – or when you shower, or when you are exercising – and there is no need for repairs or battery replacements.

The cost of a Lyric subscription can vary, depending on where you live. For more information about how Lyric invisible hearing aids could fit for your lifestyle, call into your nearest audiologist today. There’s even the option to try Lyric risk-free for 30 days.

Learn more about Lyric hearing aids with The Art of Hearing

The Art of Hearing is one of the few audiology clinics in Australia that provide Lyric invisible hearing aids. This ensures that our team are experts in this revolutionary technology and passionate about letting it improve the lives of people living with hearing impairments. To find out more about Lyric invisible hearing aids, keep an eye on our News section and contact us at (08) 9390 8811 or via The Art of Hearing website.

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