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The effects of hearing loss on your daily life

Many people think of hearing loss as a health problem. However, just as impaired vision can impact additional skills such as spatial awareness, hearing problems can impact far more than just your ability to hear. From  communication with friends to your own self-confidence, untreated hearing loss can take a toll on your daily routine in many ways. Here are some of the “unexpected” effects of hearing loss often experienced by individuals with hearing impairments.

Effects of hearing loss

Social life – Since ear health is integral to our ability to hear others, it follows that hearing is also essential to our ability to communicate. This is often one of the biggest problems experienced by individuals with hearing loss. Many people suffering from hearing problems will start to have trouble interacting socially, especially in noisy environments such as restaurants and cafés. In the long-term, this can lead to loneliness and social isolation.

Safety – Just as sight is crucial to how you see, hearing is another sense that impacts your perception of your surroundings. As well as picking up on the dangers you may not be able to see such as fire alarms or oncoming traffic, your ears are also essential in locating the source of sounds. If this ability is impaired by hearing loss, you may not be able to identify dangers as effectively, leading to diminished safety and spatial awareness.

Relationships with others – Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the individual sufferer. In fact, the effects of hearing loss are often most felt by the people closest to you. When your ability to interact with others becomes hampered by your hearing problem, it’s the family and friends you communicate with most who will notice the difference. Whether you’re becoming more distant in social situations or turning the TV up louder and louder, your hearing loss can become a big source of frustration for those around you when left untreated.

Employment/education – The effects of hearing loss aren’t just limited to your personal and social life. Many individuals suffering from hearing problems will also feel the effects on their professional life too. By inhibiting your ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, hearing loss can impact your success in the workplace, hindering your long-term employment opportunities. This is particularly the case for children suffering from hearing loss; left untreated, hearing problems can impact children’s ability to learn and communicate at a vital stage in their social and academic development.

Self-confidence – With hearing loss impacting so many different aspects of your daily life, it’s no wonder hearing problems can take an effect on your self-confidence. Many individuals suffering from hearing loss will experience lower self-esteem because of the emotional and social impact of their hearing problem.

Experiencing hearing loss?

If the above scenarios sound all too familiar, it may be time to get your hearing tested by your Perth audiologist. At The Art of Hearing, our aim isn’t just to improve your ability to hear, it’s to improve your overall quality of life. We know the wider impact hearing loss can have on your daily routine, which is why we work with you to find a hearing solution that is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss? Contact our Perth hearing clinic today to organics a hearing assessment.

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