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5 signs you need a hearing test

Are your family and friends constantly telling you to take a hearing test? It’s often the people around you who will notice the signs of your hearing loss first. If those around you are picking up on changes to your hearing, it may be time to organise a hearing test before the problem takes a toll on your relationship with others. If in doubt, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you struggle to hear high frequency sounds?

One of the first things to go when you suffer from hearing loss is your ability to hear higher frequencies. Sometimes called “partial deafness”, high frequency hearing loss can impact your ability to hear high pitched sounds such as female and children’s voices. This is a common result of age or noise-related hearing loss.

Do you struggle in “social” environments?

Individuals experiencing early signs of hearing loss often have particular difficulty following conversations in loud environments such as noisy cafés and restaurants. If you are struggling to distinguish speech over background noise, you should get your hearing checked before your hearing problem starts to impact your ability to interact with others.

Do you have difficulty pinpointing the direction of sound?

In addition to problems interpreting speech, people suffering from hearing loss will often have trouble distinguishing the source of sounds, especially in noisy environments. This could in turn impact your spatial awareness and safety, as you may not be able to identify surrounding dangers.

Are your ears ringing?

Tinnitus is another common symptom of hearing loss, and is often described as a ringing, roaring, buzzing or hissing sound in the ears. This noise can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness.

Do your family complain about the TV volume?

As your hearing ability decreases, chances are the volume of your TV and radio is increasing. If your family is always complaining about the excessive surround sound, it’s probably time to organise a hearing test with your audiologist.

Book your hearing test today with The Art of Hearing

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you may be suffering from hearing loss and should organise a hearing test with your local audiologists. The Art of Hearing offers hearing tests for both adults and children at our Perth hearing clinics. Whether you are experiencing the early signs of hearing loss or simply unhappy with your current solution, our experienced audiologists can offer you independent advice on the best hearing solution for you. Alternatively, you can visit our Perth hearing clinics to take a free self-help hearing test today.

For more information about our hearing solutions, or to book an appointment with our Perth hearing specialists, visit The Art of Hearing website today.

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