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How to choose the right hearing aid for you

With so many different styles and features now available, it’s not always easy knowing which type of hearing aid is right for you, especially when you’re choosing a hearing solution for the first time. At The Art of Hearing, our Perth audiologists are independent hearing aid providers, meaning we can offer you unbiased advice about the different solutions available from our hearing clinic. But first, here are a few factors you may want to consider when comparing different hearing aids

Hearing aid comparison: factors to consider

Comfort – First and foremost, one of the first factors you will need to consider when selecting a new hearing aid is comfort. Hearing aids aren’t a ‘one size fits all solution’, and you will want to make sure your chosen hearing solution is the right fit for you (literally!). Once you have chosen a specific hearing aid style from The Art of Hearing, our audiologists will take an impressions of your ears to ensure your custom hearing aids fit and work perfectly, offering maximum comfort and functionality.

Style and visibility – From behind-the-ear to in-the-ear, there are many different hearing aid styles to choose from. Your final choice will ultimately depend on your individual needs and personal preferences. For those concerned about the appearance of their hearing aids, completely-in-the-canal models or invisible hearing aids may be a more suitable solution. However, if you have trouble handling small objects due to vision problems or similar, you may require a larger hearing device or a hearing aid with a remote control feature to avoid that tricky battery changing process.

Your lifestyle – In addition to your preferences in style and size, your lifestyle will also have a big part to play in the hearing aid comparison process. For example, do you play a lot of sports? Do you work or socialize in noisy environments? These are questions that will determine the type of hearing aid or additional features most suitable for you. For instance, individuals who work in loud environments may require the ability to easily adjust the volume of their hearing aids.

Price – Budget is another factor that may influence your final decision when choosing from different hearing aids. Whilst hearing devices with additional features such as wireless connectivity or remote hearing aid programming may be a little more costly, you will need to weigh this up against your personal preferences to find a solution that suits you both functionally and financially. When considering cost, you will also need to consider whether you are eligible for compensation from WorkCover WA or The Australian Government Hearing Services Program. Our Perth audiologists can help you with this at your hearing aid consultation.

Features – With modern advancements in hearing devices and health solutions in general, many hearing aids now come with additional features such as remote hearing aid programming, wireless connectivity, rechargeable batteries and more. When comparing different hearing aids, you may want to consider which features best match your individual  lifestyle and needs.

The Art of Hearing: Perth’s independent hearing aid providers

At The Art of Hearing, our Perth audiologists are committed to helping our clients find a hearing solution that suits their individual needs, lifestyle and budget. Based on your individual preferences and requirements, our audiologists can offer unbiased advice on the different hearing aid options available to you. We will then ensure your new hearing solutions fit and work perfectly with our fine-tuning and fitting process.

To book a hearing consultation with our Perth audiologists, visit The Art of Hearing website or call us on (08) 93908811 today.

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