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Hearing aid trial offer

From Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th May, The Art of Hearing will be launching a special open day hearing aid trial offer for patients in the Perth region. If you visit our hearing clinics between these dates, our Perth audiologists will be offering free hearing assessments valued at $80, as well as a free four week trial of Unitron’s Moxi receiver-in-canal hearing aids.

This is a great chance to trial the latest in hearing technology without the cost and commitment of a permanent hearing solution, giving you the time to decide whether the hearing aid technology is suited to you. To register for the open day offer, visit the following sign-up page, or read on below to find out more about Unitron’s Moxi technology.

About Unitron’s Moxi range

Moxi receiver-in-canal hearing aids are one of the latest hearing solutions brought to you by leading hearing aid manufacturer, Unitron. Designed to provide patients with a natural-sounding and high-quality hearing experience, the Moxi range offers a wide variety of different devices for the modern hearing aid user.

Modern: The Moxi hearing aid range includes a variety of different devices, each of which offers a set of advanced features designed to suit the varying requirements of modern hearing aid users. From rechargeability to direct connectivity with mobile phones, the range allows you to choose a hearing aid that fits in with your modern lifestyle and requirements.

Adaptable: SoundCore technology works to identify and understand your listening environment before fluidly adjusting to help you and your hearing aid adapt to the atmosphere you’re in. This ensures you can actively participate in conversation with those around you, regardless of the level of background noise.  

Stylish: Moxi receiver-in-canal hearing aids are designed to offer a functional hearing solution that can be tailored to your unique style. Moxi hearing aids come in a range of colours, enabling you to choose a look that suits your personality and style.

Sign up today

A personalised hearing solution requires a personalised service. Register for The Art of Hearing’s open day hearing aid trial offer today, and benefit from the following:

  • A free hearing assessment valued at RRP $80
  • Personal, same-day fitting of trial hearing aids by our Perth audiologists
  • Free four-week trial of Moxi hearing aids

As an independent hearing aid provider, our Perth audiologists are dedicated to helping you find a hearing solution that meets your unique needs, budget and lifestyle. If you are interested in our obligation-free trial offer, register online today to book your hearing assessment.

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