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Signs your child is suffering from hearing loss

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects adults as they get older, but did you know around 11,000 Australian children below the age of seventeen are fitted with either hearings aids or cochlear implants? If left undetected, hearing loss can have a huge impact on a child’s social and cognitive development, which is why it’s so important to diagnose a hearing problem sooner rather than later. If you recognise the following signs of hearing loss, The Art of Hearing offer hearing tests for children at our Perth audiology clinics and can help you find a suitable solution.

Signs of hearing loss in children

Poor performance in the classroom: If your child is performing poorly at school, this could be an indication of a larger problem with their hearing, especially if they haven’t had any prior academic issues. Hearing loss can affect children’s ability to learn and partake in lessons, so falling grades and difficulty concentrating in class could be a sign your child is suffering from hearing difficulties.

Difficulty pronouncing words: The signs of hearing loss will vary depending on the age of your child and the extent of their hearing problem. However, a  key indicator of hearing loss in preschool children is difficulty pronouncing words and sentences. If you’ve noticed your child is speaking differently from other children their age, this may be an indication that they require a hearing check with your Perth audiologist. The hearing specialists at The Art of Hearing provide hearing tests for children to help identify whether your infant, toddler or child is suffering from hearing problems.

Less responsive: If your child is becoming less responsive when you speak to them, this doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t listening or paying attention. In fact, this could result from the fact they simply can’t hear you in the first place. Look out for other signs that could indicate a further problem. For example, is your child regularly asking you to repeat phrases? If your child is intently watching you as you speak, this could also provide a visual sign they are relying on your physical movements to understand you.

Irregular perceptions of noise: Both children and adults suffering from hearing loss often develop irregular perceptions of noise. Perhaps your child is turning up the TV to an increasingly higher volume, or maybe they are speaking louder than usual. These are all signs your child may require a hearing check.

Behavioural issues: Living with hearing loss can be an incredibly frustrating and difficult challenge, and the effects of this can present themselves in different ways. If you’ve noticed any behavioural changes in your child, such as increasing frustration or social withdrawal, this could result from their inability to communicate with others due to a hearing problem.

Hearing tests for children in Perth

Early detection of hearing loss can have huge benefits on children’s social, academic and cognitive development. If you start to recognise the above symptoms, it’s important to take appropriate action to treat your child’s hearing problem before it impacts their life and learning. At The Art of Hearing audiology clinics, we offer hearing tests for children of different ages. Our Perth audiologists will be able to assess your child’s hearing and determine whether a further solution or treatment is required.

For more information about our hearing tests for children, visit our website or contact us on (08) 9390 8811.

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