hearing test

Do I need a hearing test?

Hearing loss could be affecting you more than you realise. Recent studies have revealed one in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss. And whilst this is in part due to our aging population, hearing problems are also becoming increasingly prevalent amongst young people frequently exposed to loud noises. Many people suffering from such problems don’t realise the effect this could be having on themselves and their quality of life, or they may not even realise they have a problem in the first place. If you recognise the following symptoms either yourself or in a loved one, it could be time to take a hearing test at one of  The Art of Hearing clinics.

Signs you need a hearing test

  • “Can you repeat that please” – This may seem obvious, but it is generally one of the biggest indications that you may be suffering from hearing loss. If you are always asking people around you to repeat themselves, the chances are you may have a hearing problem. Individuals with hearing loss, and especially age-related hearing problems, often have difficulty when speaking to children and individuals with high-pitched voices. If this is the case for you, make sure you book in to see an experienced audiologist at your local Perth hearing clinic.
  • Getting lost in the crowd – People suffering from hearing loss often find it difficult to keep up with conversations in loud environments such as crowded restaurants, cafes and bars. If you’re having trouble distinguishing conversations through all the background noise, make sure to get your ears checked out before it takes a toll on your social life.
  • Turning up the volume – Hearing problems can often result in irregular perceptions of volume and sounds. If people around you are constantly complaining about the volume of your surround sound, chances are the problem may be with your ears and not your TV. Likewise, if your loved ones are complaining you are talking too loudly, this could be an indication that you need a hearing test.
  • Difficulty hearing over the phone – It can be extremely difficult to hear people over the phone when suffering from hearing loss, especially in noisier environments. If you find yourself straining when you’re in situations that require your ear’s attention, it may be time to organise a hearing test with your local audiologists.
  • Ringing in the ears – Tinnitus, otherwise known as ringing in the ears, is a ringing or buzzing sound that many of us experience after exposure to loud noises. Whilst most people have experienced this after a concert or night out, tinnitus can also be a sign of hearing loss. If you’ve been experiencing such regular ringing noise, consider taking a hearing test to identify potential causes. 

Taking a hearing test

If the above symptoms sound familiar, it could be time to act. If you suspect you may be suffering from hearing loss, book in a consultation with The Art of Hearing’s experienced audiologists at one of our five Perth hearing clinics. Alternatively, visit any of our clinics for a free self-help hearing test. No appointment needed – simply drop in and take a quick test on our iPad. We know this can be a daunting time, but our dedicated audiologists are 100% committed to finding a solution that will improve both your hearing and your quality of life.

Book in with our audiologists today or visit one of our Perth clinics for a self-help hearing test.

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