Hearing loss

The hidden risks of hearing loss

Whilst hearing loss has clear consequences on our physical ability to hear sounds, many of us underestimate the long-term effects hearing problems can have on our social and emotional wellbeing. Hearing impairments have been linked to a variety of social, psychological and occupational issues, many of which can be avoided if you get help early. Don’t let your hearing problem compromise your quality of life – if you recognise any of these effects of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one, make sure you organise a consultation with your local Perth hearing specialist.

Consequences of hearing loss

  • Social risks – You may not realise it, but your hearing problem could be taking a serious toll on your personal life. Hearing loss can impact your ability to concentrate and partake in social situations, leading to social withdrawal and difficulty communicating with others. If left untreated, you may find it starts to compromise your work life, your confidence and your relationships with loved ones. This is why it’s important to take action if you recognise the effects of hearing loss.
  • Emotional impact – Although hearing loss presents itself as a physical health problem, many people underestimate the psychological impact it can have on those affected by it. Whilst many sufferers have reported a loss of self-esteem, increased irritability, and loneliness, hearing loss has also been linked to a number of mental health problems such as depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Physical impact – Keeping up with conversations is hard work when you suffer from hearing loss, especially in crowded and loud environments. In fact, hearing problems can put a serious strain on your energy levels, with many sufferers reporting frequent fatigue and tension headaches.
  • Cognitive impact – As well as impacting your mood and energy levels, hearing loss can have negative consequences on our cognitive abilities, undermining our ability to memorise information and learn new tasks. This is particularly problematic for children suffering from hearing loss, as it can inhibit their cognitive and social development as well as their academic performance.
  • Occupational risks – Hearing loss affects our awareness of the surrounding environment in different ways. This reduced awareness can place a greater risk on our personal safety by decreasing our alertness and impacting our ability to perceive surrounding danger.

Get help with The Art of Hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t need to affect your quality of life. At The Art of Hearing, we know the social and emotional impact hearing loss can have on you and your loved ones. This is why our Perth hearing specialists are dedicated to helping you find a solution that improves your hearing and restores your quality of life.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from the effects of hearing loss, book an obligation-free consultation with our experienced audiologists at any of our Perth hearing clinics. Alternatively, visit select Art of Hearing clinics to take a free self-help hearing test. These tests are available at our hearing clinics in Hillarys and Riverton.

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