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How to protect yourself from hearing loss

Hearing loss is a condition we often associate with older generations. However, in reality, hearing problems can be caused by a variety of factors, many of which can affect individuals of all ages. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of these hearing problems are actually avoidable. With the right hearing protection and professional advice from your Perth audiologists, you can look after your long-term hearing health and avoid some of the preventable factors that lead to hearing loss in the first place. So, what are the common causes of hearing problems? And how can you protect yourself against them?

Noise-related hearing loss: ear protection

Exposure to loud environments such as concerts, clubs and noisy workplaces is thought to be one of the major causes behind the growth of hearing loss cases in Australia. With the introduction of new technology, many of us are exposing ourselves to dangerous levels of noise on a daily basis, be it through headphones, music concerts or excessive TV volume.

Whilst noise is generally well-regulated in Western Australian workplaces, there are plenty of steps Australians can take to protect themselves against the everyday sounds we encounter outside of working hours. If you can’t remove yourself from the situation altogether (i.e. by avoiding a noisy construction site), ear plugs and protectors are a great way to protect your ears against excessive noise exposure. At The Art of Hearing clinics, we offer custom ear plugs and specialised musician “hearsavers” for music-lovers who need to listen to sounds at a safe volume.

Earwax buildup: safe removal methods

One of the prominent symptoms of earwax buildup is partial hearing loss and the resulting distortion of sounds. Luckily, earwax blockage is a fairly straightforward problem to solve with professional removal methods. If you suspect you may have an earwax blockage, you should avoid unsafe at-home removal methods such as using cotton swabs – these can push earwax further into the ear canal, causing the blockage to worsen as a result. Your Perth audiologist will be able to identify whether ear-wax blockage is the root of your hearing problems through a basic hearing assessment.

Ototoxic medications: seek professional advice

Certain ototoxic medicines used to treat serious illnesses and viral infections have been linked to permanent hearing damage. Whilst the consumption of these medications is in some cases unavoidable, the best thing you can do before consuming ototoxic medications is discuss the potential risks with your doctor.

Ear/head injury: take adequate safety measures

Whilst damage to the auditory system caused by an ear or head injury is often irreversible, it is preventable. Your ears are an incredibly delicate structure, so it is important to protect them during “high-risk” activities. For instance, by wearing a helmet when cycling or water protectors when swimming, you can reduce the chance of damage to the ears through injury and/or infection.

Custom ear protection from The Art of Hearing

At The Art of Hearing, we are dedicated to helping our clients protect and prolong their long-term ear health. Whether you’re experiencing early symptoms of hearing loss, seeking custom hearing protection, or looking for advice on how to protect your long-term hearing health, our Perth audiologists are here to help.

Book a consultation at any of our five Perth hearing clinics or visit The Art of Hearing website to find out more about our custom hearing solutions.

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