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Living With Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

Phonak’s Lyric invisible hearing aids are changing the face of hearing aid technology. With their unique design that gives unparalleled sound quality and invisible fit, they combine functionality with convenience. While the science behind Lyric hearing aids is impressive, how might they fare in everyday life? Before you upgrade your hearing with Lyric devices, make sure that you are informed about what to expect from living with them; from when you can and can’t wear them and to how they are inserted.

Where can I wear my Lyric hearing aids?

Lyric’s biocompatible foam material allows natural ventilation and a sturdy, comfortable fit, meaning they can be worn in a wide range of situations. Whether you’re sleeping, playing sport, wearing earphones, or talking on the phone, your Lyric hearing aids will be the last thing on your mind thanks to their invisible placement and the absence of daily maintenance and battery changes.

Most impressive of all, you can wear your Lyric hearing aids whilst showering, as they are water-resistant. To prevent water damage to the device’s internal circuit whilst swimming, custom made, soft acrylic earplugs can be worn alongside your Lyric hearing aids so there is minimal impact on your lifestyle choices. You can also wear Lyric hearing aids whilst going through airport security as the metal components are too small to set off the metal detectors. Individuals who are avid skydivers, scuba divers or who require regular MRI’s should be aware that the Lyric hearing aid is not compatible with these activities.

How are Lyric hearing aids fitted?

For such a game changer in hearing aid technology, Lyric hearing aids are remarkably easy to insert. They can be placed inside your ear canal during your next routine hearing appointment at any Certified Lyric Provider, such as The Art of Hearing. During the appointment, your audiologist will learn about your lifestyle needs, test your hearing and program an appropriately sized Lyric device. This process should take around an hour.

Once fitted, your audiologist will show you how to use SoundLync, a tool that can help the wearer adjust the volume and remove the Lyric using its integrated removal tool. Lyric hearing aids ordinarily last around two to three months, after which your Certified Lyric Provider will replace it with a new Lyric device with the most up to date technology. It is worth considering that whilst it is possible to remove and potentially reinsert a Lyric hearing aid yourself, it is not recommended.

Learn more about Lyric hearing aids at The Art of Hearing

As one of the few audiology clinics in Australia that provide Lyric invisible hearing aids, our expert team at The Art of Hearing is both passionate and knowledgeable about this ground-breaking device. We understand the impact that hearing loss has on your life, and thus are dedicated to finding a solution that both complements and enhances your lifestyle. Not all people with hearing difficulties are a good Lyric candidate, so for more information about your suitability for Lyric, get in touch with us at (08) 9390 8811 or through The Art of Hearing website, and keep an eye on our News section.

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