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How to look after your hearing aids

Hearings aids can provide endless advantages to individuals living with hearing loss – clearer hearing, better quality of life, and improved social confidence to name just a few. To make the most out of your hearing device, however, you will need to undertake regular hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. By correctly caring for your hearing aids, you can enjoy a longer-lasting, higher quality solution to better hearing and avoid the unexpected costs of expensive repairs or replacements!

Hearing aid care and maintenance tips

Regular hearing aid cleaning – Over time, the performance of your hearing aids can be impacted by the build-up of wax, dust and debris. To avoid excessive build-up, you should clean your hearing devices on a regular basis at home. Since hearing aids are a delicate technology, make sure you handle each piece of your device with care before performing the following steps:

  • Remove the batteries before cleaning your hearing aids
  • Use a wax pick to clean out the filters of your hearing device
  • Remove debris from your hearing aid and microphone with a small brush or dry cloth
  • Allow time for your hearing aids to air out before putting them back in

Regular servicing with your audiologist – Whilst at-home maintenance will help remove most of the debris from your hearing aids, you should also get into the routine of visiting your audiologist for professional hearing aid cleaning and check-ups. As well as performing a thorough clean to remove any deep-seated debris, your Perth audiologist will be able to perform hearing assessments and checks to ensure your hearing aids are still working at their best.

Avoid any spillages – Just as you wouldn’t want to get your phone wet, you should avoid contact between your hearing technology and water as much as possible. Avoid cleaning your hearing aids with water, and make sure you remove your hearing device before showering and washing your face.

Preventing wax build-up – Whilst beneficial to the overall health of your ears, excessive earwax can become a problem if it becomes trapped in your hearing devices. If you are particularly prone to a build-up of earwax, consider getting your ears cleaned by a professional doctor or audiologist. Not only can this improve the overall performance of your hearing aids, it can also remove that feeling of fullness from your ears!

Get the most out of your hearing aids with Art of Hearing

Whether you require a new hearing solution or want to improve the performance of your current hearing aids, the expert audiologists at The Art of Hearing can provide the support and advice you need to make the most out of your hearing device. From hearing aid care to routine hearing checks, our Perth audiologists can help you maintain and improve the functionality of your hearing solution.

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