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Tinnitus treatment: How to manage tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that affects nearly two million Australians, many of whom are told they simply have to live with their symptoms. However, if left untreated, tinnitus can place a huge strain on your quality of life, your ability to work and socialise, and your overall wellbeing. At The Art of Hearing, we believe tinnitus shouldn’t be a burden on your quality of life. Whilst there is no one-stop cure to tinnitus, our Perth audiologists offer tinnitus treatment and techniques to help sufferers manage their condition.

Tinnitus treatment with The Art of Hearing

Depending on the cause of your tinnitus, Art of Hearing offer a range of treatments and techniques to help you manage, and even reduce, your symptoms. Whilst some causes, such as a build-up of wax, may be easily treatable, we also offer treatment and advice to those suffering from tinnitus on a long-term basis. At The Art of Hearing, we work on a holistic approach to tinnitus treatment. Our hearing specialists use a technique called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy to help sufferers learn to cope with their symptoms and lead a regular, undisturbed life. Our tinnitus treatment typically includes:

  • Hearing care – After identifying the potential source of your tinnitus, our Perth-based audiologists can provide advice and hearing care solutions to help you better understand, and even avoid, the causes of your condition. Whether it’s understanding how to prevent Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or undergoing wax management treatment, The Art of Hearing offer tailored hearing care solutions to help you deal with your condition accordingly.
  • Retraining techniques – For patients with regular hearing who experience tinnitus, The Art of Hearing offer retraining techniques by means of sound generators. This sound therapy is aimed at habituating the body’s reaction to and perception of tinnitus to help sufferers better manage their condition. If, on the other hand, your tinnitus is linked to hearing loss, our Perth audiologists may recommend hearing aids as part of your tinnitus treatment.
  • Relaxation activities – In conjunction with retraining therapies, our experienced audiologists offer dietary advice and relaxation activities to help tinnitus sufferers reduce the stress and anxiety that can often accompany their condition. From physical activity to deep relaxation exercises, we aim to help sufferers better manage and overcome tinnitus-related stress and insomnia.
  • Resources – In addition to tailored tinnitus treatments and one-to-one counselling, The Art of Hearing provide resources and advice to help sufferers better understand and manage their tinnitus daily. We provide patients with a tinnitus booklet and reading materials to ensure they have the resources they need to manage their tinnitus outside of hearing appointments.

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Whether you’re a long-term sufferer or experiencing tinnitus for the first time, you shouldn’t simply have to live with your condition. If you’re suffering from tinnitus, the Perth-based hearing specialists at The Art of Hearing can offer the advice and solutions you need to better manage your condition. As well as identifying potential causes of your tinnitus, our Perth audiologists can advise you on the best course of treatment to set you back on the road to regular hearing.

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