hearing loss in children

Common causes of hearing loss in children

Although hearing loss is something we often associate with getting older, it’s a problem that is increasingly affecting children and young adults at an early age. Whilst studies have indicated that just over one in one thousand children are born ...
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Hearing Aids

The benefits of wearing hearing aids

Despite the growing prevalence of hearing problems across Australia, many of us underestimate the impact hearing loss can have on our bodies, our lives and the lives of those around us. Hearing loss can impact sufferers socially, emotionally and physically - ...
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Hearing loss

The hidden risks of hearing loss

Whilst hearing loss has clear consequences on our physical ability to hear sounds, many of us underestimate the long-term effects hearing problems can have on our social and emotional wellbeing. Hearing impairments have been linked to a variety of social, ...
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tinnitus causes

Common causes of tinnitus

Healthy hearing is something many of us take for granted…that is until that health is threatened. It’s estimated up to 20% of the Australian population suffer from tinnitus. Whilst one of the most common tinnitus causes is poor ear health, ...
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ringing in ears

How to prevent noise-induced hearing loss

Sound is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. From mowing the lawn to watching TV at night, we are constantly being exposed to different noises and volumes in the world around us. Whilst these everyday noises are nothing out ...
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hearing loss

Common causes of hearing loss

Did you know hearing loss is the second largest health problem amongst Australians? Whilst commonly regarded as an age-related phenomenon, it’s actually becoming an increasing problem amongst younger generations, with more and more Australians at risk of developing hearing loss ...
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hearing test

Do I need a hearing test?

Hearing loss could be affecting you more than you realise. Recent studies have revealed one in six Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss. And whilst this is in part due to our aging population, hearing problems are also ...
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The Art of Hearing

12 Questions To Ask Before Buying Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Questions Will hearing instruments actually improve my ability to hear? If I only have hearing loss in one ear, why should I wear two hearing aids? Which hearing aid style will be best for my hearing loss? Which ...
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hearing loss

Breast Cancer and Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden Hearing Loss Sudden deafness or sudden hearing loss is defined as a rapid onset hearing impairment occurring over a 72-h period, equal or greater than 30 dB in three consecutive frequencies. The annual incidence is 5-20 cases per 100,000, most ...
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