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Remote hearing aid programming: the future of hearing aids

In today’s digital era, we are surrounded by gadgets and apps designed to make our lives easier, faster, and more convenient. From wireless headphones to online shopping lists, digital technologies have become a key part of our everyday lifestyle. And now, hearing technology is following suit. A far stretch from the analogue hearing aids that once graced the healthcare industry, the digital revolution has led to a demand for digital hearing aids that are more compatible with our modern lifestyle. Thanks to remote hearing aid programming, modern technology is now keeping us more connected and in tune with our ears (and audiologists) than ever before.

What is remote hearing aid programming?

The invisible hearing aids we see today are smaller, clearer and higher quality than the hearing aids we’ve seen in the past. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the latest digital hearing technologies, however, is their remote hearing aid adjustment feature. At The Art of Hearing audiology clinics in Perth, we offer a product called ReSound LiNX 3D – a digital hearing aid that allows both you and hearing specialists to re-adjust and monitor your hearing aids over the Internet. With the accompanying ReSound LiNX 3D mobile app, you can make your own sound adjustments and access important advice on optimising your hearing experience. After the initial fitting of your hearing aid, the remote hearing aid programming feature allows for follow-up adjustments without the need for an in-person appointment with your audiologist. This modern technology presents a more convenient solution for those who don’t have the time or means to travel for regular hearing checks.

Benefits of remote hearing aid programming

Control – As opposed to traditional hearing solutions, LiNX 3D gives you more control over your hearing experience. The digital hearing aids are accompanied by sound control features that can be adjusted according to your preference via your Android device, Apple Watch or iPhone.

Convenience – In addition to greater control features, LiNX 3D digital hearing aids have remote fine-tuning capabilities, allowing you to report any hearing difficulties to a hearing specialist as and when they occur. Thanks to the cloud integration feature, the hearing specialists can then adjust your hearing aids remotely without the need for an appointment. This means no more interruptions to your busy lifestyle.

Quality – LiNX 3D digital hearing aids are designed to provide users with a more natural overall hearing experience. The Spatial Sense feature of the digital hearing aids gives users a greater sense of the direction and source of sounds whilst also offering a clearer sound quality.

Speak to your Perth hearing specialists

At The Art of Hearing, we are dedicated to offering our clients the latest Smart Hearing technologies. As independent audiologists, our Perth hearing specialists offer unbiased advice to help our clients find the best hearing solution for their individual circumstances.

To find out more about our innovative hearing solutions, or to organize your next hearing test, book a consultation with our experienced audiologists at any of our five Perth audiology clinics.

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