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5 surprising advantages of hearing aids

Whilst hearing loss is a problem that first and foremost impacts your ability to perceive sounds, it’s a health issue that can affect far more than just your hearing. Hearing health is integral to many aspects of our daily lives and overall health, and many individuals with hearing loss will be surprised by the true toll hearing problems can take when left untreated. When you get hearing aids, it’s not just your ability to hear that will improve. Here are five surprising benefits of hearing aids you may be unaware of.

Improved social life

When your hearing begins to deteriorate, this doesn’t just impair your ability to detect sounds – it also impacts your ability to respond and partake in conversations. Hearing aids won’t simply improve your hearing, they can also improve your overall communication skills and enhance your ability to interact with those around you. In particularly, hearing aids can improve your ability to hear sounds in noisy environments, ensuring you remain tuned in to conversations at social events.

Better job performance

Whether you’re talking with customers or collaborating with co-workers, effective communication is a key requirement in any workplace. If left untreated, hearing loss can get in the way of workplace communication, leading to reduced understanding, safety and productivity at work. Research has shown that individuals with untreated hearing loss have fewer job opportunities and reduced income compared to individuals with full hearing capacity.

Increased safety

It’s not something we always associate with better hearing, but our senses are key to our personal safety. Whether it’s hearing an alarm or detecting immediate dangers such as oncoming traffic, hearing aids can increase your alertness and awareness of your surroundings, improving your overall personal safety and ability to detect danger.

Improved mental health

Given the numerous effects untreated hearing loss can have on an individual’s social and professional life, it’s no surprise hearing problems can take a toll on your emotional and psychological wellbeing. Hearing loss has commonly been linked to increased fatigue, irritability and social isolation; by improving your ability to communicate and relieving the fatigue associated with that constant strain to hear, hearing aids can help reduce stress and support improved mental health.

Better relationships

When it comes to hearing loss, it’s not just the individual sufferer who experiences the effects of impaired hearing – it’s their loved ones too. Hearing problems can have a very real impact on those you communicate with most, both emotionally and physically. By enhancing your ability to communicate with loved ones and relieving the emotional strain often associated with hearing impairments, hearing aids can help you build and maintain better relationships with the people who matter most to you.

Organise a hearing test with your Perth audiologists

Left untreated, hearing loss can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and quality of life. If you suspect you may be experiencing the early signs of hearing loss, you should organise a professional hearing test with an experienced audiologist. At the Art of hearing, we offer independent and professional advice to help you find a hearing solution that meets your individual needs and lifestyle.

Organise a hearing test with our Perth audiologists today to take the first step towards better hearing.

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