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The Best Apps For Tinnitus And Hearing Loss

Given the ubiquity of smartphones in our everyday life, it’s no surprise that we rely on them for tasks both important and trivial. Whether it’s checking the weather, sending an email, or now even measuring something, there is no task too big or too small that our phones can’t do for us. So why don’t we use our phones more to help our hearing loss or tinnitus? The truth is that there are a range of impressive apps available that can assist you in your daily life: it’s simply a matter of knowing what the best ones are. Here are four of the best apps for hearing loss or tinnitus.

Decibel X

When it comes to preserving your hearing for the future, prevention is the best cure. Knowing that you should minimise the overall volume and exposure time to noise is important but how do you know if your surroundings are putting you at risk of hearing damage? ‘Decibel X’ is a sound level meter app that can measure decibels levels in any situation. Thus, if you are unsure whether your noisy workplace or your leisure activities (such as a live music gig) are within the recommended noise exposure levels, ‘Decibel X’s’ pre-calibrated measurements will turn your device into an indispensable tool.

ReSound Tinnitus Relief

Sound enrichment can often be used by individuals with annoying tinnitus as part of a tinnitus management program. The ‘ReSound Tinnitus Relief’ app can help you discreetly and cost-effectively manage your tinnitus symptoms. This app provides a library of soundscapes, relaxing exercises and meditation that will help your brain redirect your focus away from your tinnitus. The creators of ‘ReSound Tinnitus Relief’ understand that every case of tinnitus is unique; the app allows you to customise the therapeutic sounds to suit your needs by enabling you to layer up to five different sounds to create your own soundscape. ReSound Tinnitus Relief’s sound therapy endeavours to partially mask your tinnitus, allowing you to successfully manage your tinnitus and to focus on the things that matter.

Sound Scouts

Did you know that children with unilateral hearing loss are ten times more likely to be held back in school? Given that hearing loss in children can lead to speech, learning and behavioural problems, it’s important to regularly monitor your child’s hearing. Developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories, ‘Sound Scouts’ is a hearing-screening tool for children age four and a half and over, disguised as a fun and interactive game. Any adult can set up the test on an iPod or Android device, which once completed, provides the parent with an instant report and advice regarding the next appropriate steps if any hearing difficulties are detected. Checking your child’s hearing abilities and getting on the path to early intervention has never been easier.

Sound Alert

It’s easy to take for granted the role that our sense of hearing plays in our daily safety and security. Removing this sense can cause stress for people with hearing loss, as they can’t rely on environmental cues to alert them to a potential danger. Thankfully, ‘Sound Alert’ is a hearing loss app that monitors your environment and transforms your smartphone into a high-tech alerting device, allowing you to feel safe, secure and in tune with your surroundings at all times. The app detects a wide range of sounds, from those that are already installed within the app (such as smoke alarms) to customised sounds such as doorbells and intercoms. Best of all, ‘Sound Alert ‘works offline, meaning that you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi or 3G to feel secure and comfortable.

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Apps that assist your hearing loss and tinnitus are a great way of improving your quality of life. At The Art of Hearing, our expert team understands the impact that hearing impairments can have on your daily life. To stay on top of your hearing, organise your next hearing check with The Art of Hearing by calling us at (08) 9390 8811 or booking an appointment online.

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