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The Best Modern Hearing Aid Features

Thanks to technological advances, today’s hearing aids are a far cry from the clunky contraptions from past decades. Considering their prevalence, modern hearing aids are packed with impressive features that ensure they remain as sophisticated and effective as possible for their users. Here are some of the best modern hearing aid features.

Rechargeable batteries

There’s nothing more frustrating than your hearing aid battery going flat at a crucial time. Thankfully, most modern hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries, meaning they’re as easy to charge as your phone – a single charge can last up to 24 hours in some modern hearing aids. Furthermore, the beauty of rechargeable batteries is you don’t need to waste time and money buying replacement batteries, meaning they’re the environmentally friendly alternative and suitable for regular travellers.

Remote programmed hearing technology

At The Art of Hearing audiology clinics, we offer a digital hearing aid called ReSound LiNX 3D, which allows both you and your audiologist to readjust and monitor your hearing aids over the internet. There’s even a mobile app through which you can make your own sound adjustments and access advice on how to make the most out of your hearing experience. After the initial hearing aid fitting, the remote programmed hearing technology means you can have follow up adjustments from the comfort of your home, making it perfect for those who don’t have the time or capacity for an in-person appointment with their audiologist.

Brainhearing™ technology

The science behind hearing involves more than just your ears. Your brain picks up the sounds and stores them in your memory, however when your brain can only catch fragments of sound due to hearing loss, it takes longer for it to process them into recognisable speech. This extra effort can cause mental fatigue, which can negatively affect everything from your concentration to your willingness to socialise. That’s where BrainHearing™ technology comes in.

BrainHearing™ is a set of technologies that provide the ideal conditions your brain needs to create meaning from sound with as little strain on your brain as possible. Studies have shown BrainHearing™ helps users to understand speech 30% better and easily recall 20% more of conversations, as the technology reduces listening effort by 20%.

Wireless hearing aid streaming

Do you find that you need to wear headphones while watching television, or struggle to make sense of audio from your phone due to background noise? Many modern hearing aids offer wireless streaming, which allows you to stream high quality sound directly into your hearing aid without echoes or delay. This means you can effortlessly stream sound from almost any device, whether it be your conversations from your iPhone or Android, audio from your television, computer or iPad, or even music from your piano keyboard. You can even opt to turn off background noise and stream sounds without being disrupted.

Latest hearing technology with The Art of Hearing

At The Art of Hearing, we are dedicated to offering our clients the latest Smart Hearing technologies and the best hearing solution for their individual circumstances. As independent audiologists, our Perth hearing specialists offer unbiased expert advice, whether you require a hearing test or are looking to upgrade to a modern hearing aid.

To find out more about our hearing solutions or book an appointment at one of our five Perth audiology clinics, visit The Art of Hearing website or call us on (08) 9390 8811.

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