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Tinnitus relief: ways to reduce tinnitus at home

Managing tinnitus on a daily basis can be a tough and frustrating process, especially if you’ve been told there is nothing you can do about your symptoms. Although not necessarily curable, recent research has led to a greater understanding of how tinnitus can be treated both at home and with the professional assistance of a hearing specialist. Visiting an experienced audiologist will be an essential step in combating your tinnitus and getting the advice you need to lead a less disrupted life. Here are a few techniques you can try for tinnitus relief at home.

Tinnitus relief techniques

Don’t sit in silence – Many patients find tinnitus is more noticeable when they are in quieter environments. If this is the case for you, try creating background noise to distract you from your tinnitus symptoms. You can do this by turning on a fan, playing quiet music, or using an app that generates white-noise.

Relaxation techniques –  Tinnitus has been known to trigger increased anxiety and stress in certain individuals, which can lead in turn to heightened tinnitus symptoms. To avoid this vicious cycle, set aside time each day to practise deep relaxation exercises.

Establish a regular sleep routine – Just as lack of sleep can impact your concentration and stress levels, fatigue can also cause tinnitus symptoms to worsen, leading to increased sleep deprivation. So how do you break the cycle? The important thing here is to establish a routine – try going to sleep at the same time every night and make sure you set aside enough time to give yourself a good night’s rest. If tinnitus is keeping you awake, try playing white-noise in the background to distract you from those incessant sounds.

Exercise – Exercise is a great way of reducing or avoiding the stressors that can cause tinnitus to worsen. Exercising regularly can reduce stress, improve the quality of your sleep and boost your mood – all things that help you better manage tinnitus!

Know your stressors – Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, pay attention to any factors that trigger, worsen or improve your tinnitus. Everyone experiences tinnitus differently, and what works for some may not work for others. If, for example, you find that caffeinated drinks cause your tinnitus to worsen, make sure you take note and avoid these stressors in future. Similarly, get to know which tinnitus relief techniques work for you, and make sure you practise these regularly.

Tinnitus treatment with The Art of Hearing

At The Art of Hearing audiology clinics in Perth, we believe the most effective approach to tinnitus treatment is a holistic one. By combining the above techniques with tinnitus retraining therapy, our audiologists can help you identify and implement a tailored tinnitus treatment that suits your individual needs and lifestyle.

To organise your tinnitus hearing test, or for advice on how to better manage your tinnitus, book a hearing consultation with the experienced audiologists at any of our Perth hearing clinics today.

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