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Tips to get the most out of your follow-up hearing appointment

Just as you would regularly visit the optometrist to make sure your prescription glasses are still meeting your needs; follow-up hearing appointments are an important step in ensuring you continue to make the most out of your hearing solution. Not only will these routine maintenance and fine-tuning appointments ensure your hearing aids are still working at their best, they will also give you a chance to discuss any concerns or potential changes to your hearing with your audiologist. If you are due a check-up with your hearing professional, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your follow-up hearing appointment.

Log your experiences

Getting used to your new hearing aids isn’t always easy, especially if you are wearing a hearing device for the first time. Depending on the extent of your hearing loss, and more specifically the time your hearing problem has been left untreated, you may be experiencing sounds you haven’t heard in a long time at a volume you simply aren’t used to. Making notes about these experiences is a great way to prepare for your next follow-up hearing appointment. For instance, are you picking up on any new sounds? Are your hearing aids more effective in certain environments than others? And are you experiencing any notable improvements when communicating with others? As well as ensuring you get the right recommendations and advice from your Perth audiologist, these details will help the hearing specialist better adjust your new hearing aids to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Bring a loved one to your appointment

When you get a new hearing aid, it’s not just you who will be picking up on problems and improvements with your hearing. As the ones you communicate with most, your friends and family can also offer invaluable insight into any adjustments that may need to be made to your hearing solution. Our audiologists always recommend that you bring a loved one along to your hearing appointment to offer a third-party perspective and (particularly if you have a habit of forgetting things) take notes on your hearing professional’s recommendations.

Find an audiologist you trust

Your audiologist isn’t just someone you meet once when you get your hearing solution fitted; they will play a long-term role in improving your hearing long after you purchase your new hearing aids. Whether it’s helping you clean your hearing device, assisting you in adapting to your new hearing aids, or recommending updated hearing solutions as technology and your hearing changes, your audiologist will be an extremely important person in your journey to improved hearing. This is why it’s important to find a trusted audiologist who you are comfortable communicating with and who is just as dedicated to improving your hearing as you are.

Schedule a follow-up hearing appointment

Since your hearing needs change over time, regular follow-up hearing appointments are an essential step in ensuring your hearing aids continue to do their job effectively. At The Art of Hearing, our audiologists are dedicated to helping you find a solution that not only improves your hearing, but also your quality of life. Through our dedicated fitting and fine-tuning processes, our hearing professionals will help you make the most out of your hearing aids, ensuring you benefit from your hearing solution for years to come.

Noticed changes to your hearing or in need of a routine check-up? Schedule a hearing assessment with our Perth audiologists today.

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