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What is LACE auditory training and how does it work?

Hearing aids are often thought of as the primary solution to better hearing. However, whilst hearing devices may be a key step in hearing loss rehabilitation, they aren’t the only one. In order to reach your full hearing potential, our Perth audiologists will often recommend Listening and Communication Enhancement as part of the hearing rehabilitation process. LACE auditory training is a hearing program designed to train (or re-train) ear-to-brain muscle memory to help the auditory system and brain better process sounds.

What is LACE auditory training?

LACE is a self-paced hearing program designed to improve your listening and communication abilities. Developed by leading audiologists at the University of California, the program introduces a series of exercises and cognitive tasks that train your ears and brain to work together more effectively to process sounds. This is particularly important if your hearing has been impaired as a result of hearing loss or changes to your hearing as you age.  

By training your brain to better understand the sounds detected by the ears (with the help of hearing aids), LACE auditory training can improve your ability to hear in noisy environments, as well as your working memory and processing speeds. The program can be conducted and monitored at home, and should be carried out five days per week in 30 minute sessions.

Benefits of the LACE program

Better hearing in noisy environments – By training the ear and brain to focus on specific sounds over background noise, the LACE auditory training program can improve your ability to distinguish speech in noisy environments. As one of the core exercises, you may be tasked with focusing on listening to one person over background noise at a party. This can in turn improve your ability to follow conversations in social environments.

Improved processing speed – Through activities that encourage you to reflect, predict and respond to the sounds and conversations you hear, LACE auditory training will also assist in improving your processing speed.

Improved working memory – By introducing exercises that encourage you to remember what you’ve heard; LACE auditory training can also assist in improving your working memory. The ability to remember and respond appropriately to conversations is fundamental to your overall communication skills.

Rapid speech – If you’ve previously found fast-paced conversation difficult to follow, the LACE auditory program can also train you to better understand rapid talkers.

The key to better hearing

Whether you suffer from hearing loss, have recently had a hearing aid fitted, or simply want to improve your listening skills, LACE auditory training could help you make the most out of your hearing. If you want to find out more about the LACE auditory training program, the Perth audiologists at The Art of Hearing can provide the information and advice you need to start your journey to better hearing.

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