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What Sets Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids Apart?

Phonak’s Lyric hearing aids have been sending waves of excitement through the audiology world due to its ground-breaking invisible nature and technological advancements. In addition to being the world’s first invisible hearing aid, there are a number of impressive features that set this revolutionary device apart from traditional hearing aids. Here are the most exciting aspects of Lyric invisible hearing aids that have earned them their reputation as a game changer.

Lyric hearing aids are invisible

In the past, traditional hearing aids have conjured images of clunky, old-fashioned contraptions. However, hearing aids have continuously evolved over the past few decades, with Lyric’s new device heralding an exciting new era of invisible hearing aids. So, what exactly does ‘invisible’ mean?

Lyric hearing aids are smaller than the tip of your finger, meaning that they can be placed deep within the ear canal close to the eardrum where sound is captured. This allows the restoration of sound in the most natural way possible. Furthermore, its sturdy, biocompatible foam means that it will contour to the shape of your ear canal. Thus, once Lyric hearing aids are inserted, they cannot be seen from any angle.

Lyric hearing aids can be worn in a variety of situations

What is perhaps most exciting about Lyric hearing aids is how seamlessly they can be integrated into your daily life. Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric invisible hearing aids can be kept in while showering, sleeping and exercising, meaning that you will barely remember that you are wearing them in the first place.

Lyric hearing aids are water resistant, as the breathable nature of its biocompatible foam ensures that you need not worry about steam and moisture causing bacterial growth behind your hearing aid or damaging the device’s clarity. However, it is not encouraged to submerge your head in water while using Lyric invisible hearing aids, which is why swimming is not recommended.

Similarly, while it is encouraged to remove traditional hearing aids prior to strenuous exercise, this is not necessary with Lyric invisible hearing aids. Due to their fit deep within the ear canal, you can rest assured that they will remain secure and stable, with no risk of them becoming dislodged or falling out of place.

Best of all, while it is recommended to remove traditional hearing aids while sleeping to allow the ears to breathe, Lyric hearing aids can be worn throughout the night, again due to its breathable foam.

Lyric hearing aids are comparatively long-lasting

Lyric invisible hearing aids typically last two to three months. Once the battery dies, simply return to your Certified Lyric Provider for a replacement with a new Lyric with any recent technological updates.

Achieve better hearing with Lyric invisible hearing aids at The Art of Hearing

The Art of Hearing is one of Australia’s only Certified Lyric Providers, meaning that our team of Perth audiologists are experts in all matters related to Lyric invisible hearing aids. If you are considering upgrading your traditional hearing aids to Lyric’s impressive device, or if you simply have any questions, book an appointment with The Art of Hearing through our website or call us on (08) 9390 8811.

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