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Why are regular hearing checks so important?

Whether we’ve been told we need glasses or not, it’s common practice to visit the optometrist on a regular basis to get our sight tested. So why don’t we do the same with our hearing? The truth is, we should be. Regular hearing checks are an incredibly important step in monitoring changes to our hearing and, in some cases, preventing further health problems. Just as we get regular checks to monitor our sight, blood pressure and overall health, we need to be treating our hearing in the same way.

The importance of early diagnosis
If you’ve been putting off a hearing test, it’s important to remember that hearing loss isn’t just a hearing issue – it’s a health issue. When left untreated, hearing loss can have an impact on our social life, mental well-being, self-confidence and overall quality of life. Diagnosing and treating loss early will not only improve your hearing experience, it will also lessen the impact of your hearing problem on other aspects of your life. Many people may not even realize they are suffering from hearing loss until their first hearing test, so these checks can be essential in helping individuals detect a problem in the first place.

Baseline test
Going for an initial baseline hearing test is an important step because this will provide a vital point of comparison for any tests carried out further down the line. This is particularly important if you work in a noisy environment where you are regularly exposed to high levels of sound, as it will allow your audiologist to monitor any further hearing loss that could result from the workplace environment. In any case, a baseline check should generally be carried out in early adulthood to provide a useful frame of reference for later tests.

Follow-up tests
Once you’ve had a baseline hearing test, regular follow-up tests will help your audiologist monitor any further hearing loss. The recommended length of time between these follow-up hearing checks will depend on your individual circumstances; for instance, if you work in a noisy environment, already suffer from hearing loss or are at an increased risk of hearing problems, your hearing professional may recommend yearly testing. Since hearing loss is also more prevalent in elderly individuals, your audiologist may recommend more frequent hearing checks as you get older.

After hearing aid fitting
Just as you wouldn’t stop seeing the optometrist if you’d been given glasses, it’s also important to keep going for regular hearing checks after you’ve been fitted with hearing aids. These follow-up checks are vital in ensuring your hearing device continues to cater to your changing needs, which may continue to change as you get older. These follow-ups will also allow your audiologist to fine-tune your hearing solution and carry out professional maintenance to keep your hearing aids functioning at their best.

Book your next hearing test with Art of Hearing
Whether you’re experiencing early signs of hearing loss, need your hearing device checked or are simply overdue a baseline hearing test, the experienced audiologists at The Art of Hearing are here to help. As independent hearing providers, our Perth audiologists provide unbiased advice and high-quality hearing solutions to help our clients improve their hearing and their quality of life.

Book your next hearing test today with The Art of Hearing.

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