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Oticon is one of the world’s most innovative hearing aid manufacturers, and has been developing high-quality hearing aid systems for people with hearing loss for over a century.

Oticon Hearing Aids

People First

Since their humble beginnings, Oticon has operated with a motto of “People First” in all of their practices. Whether it’s developing the latest and greatest in hearing technology, or helping people better access hearing aids, Oticon starts every project with a desire to help their customers. Oticon’s commitment to innovation is driven by their goal of empowering everyone to live their best life.

Oticon Hearing Aids
Oticon’s current hearing aid line up is centered around two main product lines: the Opn™ hearing aids and the Siya hearing aids. Each of these product lines has its own unique advantages and features.
Oticon OPN Hearing Aids at Art of Hearing

Opn S is available in three levels of technology (Premium Opn S 1 & Opn S 2 and High-end Opn S 3) across four hearing aid models/styles.

Oticon OPN Range

Oticon’s Opn™ technology is designed to help more people with hearing loss experience high-quality sound in a number of different custom styles. The eight styles in the Opn™ line-up allow for person-specific comfort, with everything from a teeny-tiny invisible-in-the-canal option to a robust and powerful behind-the-ear model. This technology is powered by the Velox platform, the newest BrainHearing solution from Oticon. Some great features of this hearing aid include;

  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Localisation
  • Speech Clarity
  • Twinlink Wireless Communication (Bluetooth & Internet).

Oticon Siya Range

The Oticon Siya line up is well known for helping everyday people hear better in daily conversations. Designed specifically for superior sound quality and improved speech understanding, the Siya hearing aids provide effective noise reduction throughout a wide range of different models and styles. Some great features of this hearing aid include;

  • Fast Processor
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Speech Clarity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Oticon Siya at Art of Hearing
Oticon XCEED at Art of Hearing

Oticon XCEED Range

Oticon Xceed is proven to give you better speech clarity with less listening effort in noisy environments compared to our previous generation of powerful hearing aids.  Some great features of this hearing aid include;

  • Noise Reduction
  • Speech Clarity
  • BrainHearing Technology
  • Twinlink Wireless Communication (Bluetooth & Internet).

Features & Options for Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon ON App

Adjust volume, change programmes and do more with the convenience of your smart phone.

Connect to Devices

Oticon range can provide compatibility to connect with your TV, Computer, Music Player and more with Bluetooth.

ConnectClip Microphone

Gives hands-free calls and stereo music streaming with most modern smartphone, and it’s also a remote microphone.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Plug in at night and wake up to full power – and still use conventional batteries anytime.

Tinnitus SoundSupport

Oticon’s relief sound generator offers your clients a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds.

Which Hearing Aid Style is Best for You?

Speak to our Art of Hearing team, we have a range of options for fitting styles, and our experienced audiologists can assist you with the fitment of your device.

Behind-The-Ear hearing aid

Fit most hearing loss types
Easy-to-use buttons
Remarkable connectivity

In-The-Ear or Canal hearing aids

'Invisible' option
For mild to severe hearing loss
Custom-made to fit your ears
Remarkable connectivity* *Only available in selected styles

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