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The Art of Hearing tailors its support to each client.

Hearing Services Perth

We offer a range of expert and independent services, to help you get the very best personalised care.


Being an independent provider for hearing aids, our clients have access to a broad range of hearing aid brands.


We can conduct a broad array of hearing tests for clients. We also provide hearing assessments for OHS, WorkCover & Pre-Employment.

Tinnitus Treatment

Are you suffering from ringing ears? Speak to one of our expert audiologists today. We can assess and advise on management of your tinnitus.

Child Hearing Services

Hearing Tests for Kids from ages 4 to teenagers. We provide specialised hearing tests for kids and children.

Ear Wax Removal

Suffering from Ear Wax? We can provide micro-suction and manual techniques to remove earwax.

WorkCover & Pre Employment

The Art of Hearing is a certified WorkCover provider. We provide pre-employment hearing examinations & certifications.

LACE Training

Listening and Communication Enhancement Training (LACE) may be recommended to you by your audiologist as a development strategy.

Government Funded Hearing Services

Australian Government provides free of cost hearing services & hearing aids to eligible clients. We are an approved provider of these services.

Custom Ear Moulds & Plugs

Get a customised product for your ear comfort, our experienced audiologists can take impressions and prepare custom products for you.

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Hearing Tests

Did you know one out of six Australians suffer from hearing loss? This is expected to increase to one in four by year 2050 Our team provide a comprehensive testing service, including early detection. We also provide an extensive list of specialist hearing consultations. Consult our services, listed below, or book your test now.

Tinnitus Support & Rehab

A persistent ‘ring’ in the ears is treatable. Whether you have a formal diagnosis or not, The Art of Hearing has a specialised team ready to assess and treat tinnitus at any stage of the condition. Find out more about the cause and management of tinnitus in our information handout here, or contact us for an expert consultation.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have changed. Thanks to remarkable advancements technology in the past ten years, there are now many customised and discreet solutions to choose from. Our team can provide solutions for any lifestyle. We supply only high-quality hearing aids with a focus on usability and discretion. To find out more about the devices we offer, you can contact us or visit us in-store at any of our five specialist locations.

Custom Ear Moulds and Plugs

Protecting your ears is critical to avoiding preventable hearing loss. The Art of Hearing have dedicated specialists that can provide you with custom earplugs for playing in orchestras and bands, swimming and diving, sleeping or even listening to music devices such as an iPod or personal music player. To find out more about custom ear moulds and plugs you can read our article here or contact us with your requirements.

New Advances in Hearing Health Therapies
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Government-Funded Hearing Services

There are a number of options for government-funded hearing support. If you have been referred by your healthcare provider or are interested in options, please contact us to arrange a detailed consultation. Our experienced team can provide up-to-date information on the latest government hearing support programs.

Work Cover & Pre Employment Hearing Services

The Art of Hearing is a certified WorkCover provider. WorkCover WA services and regulates the ‘Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981’. The Art of Hearing provides Audiological Assessments that comply with WorkCover regulations.

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LACE Training

Listening and Communication Enhancement Training (LACE) may be recommended to you by your audiologist as a development strategy. LACE is designed to assist with developing listening and communication skills. It will also help you to compensate and adapt in difficult listening situations

Ear Wax Removal

At the Art of Hearing, we use micro-suction and manual techniques to remove earwax. It is considered to be a gentle, professional, water-free way to remove earwax.

Hearing Protection
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Child Hearing Services

CHILD TESTING: The Art of Hearing provides full diagnostic hearing assessments for children from 6 months upwards. Most children will have a newborn hearing test and they won’t have another one done until they start school. If a hearing loss is detected, you will be referred to an Audiologist for further testing in both of these circumstances. If a family member or guardian has raised concerns about your child’s hearing, book an appointment with one of our experienced paediatric specialists.

Did you know that research suggests between 2-5% of Australian kids experience CAPD? The figure could be even higher, as more research is conducted. An audiologist with CAPD expertise can provide treatment options and support services for kids experiencing this condition. If a teacher has raised concerns or your health practitioner has referred you, The Art of Hearing can show you the next steps. Early detection and early treatment can minimise the academic effects of CAPD. Book an appointment now with one of our experienced consultants.

Our Audiology Clinic Locations

With Over 5 Clinics in Perth, it has never been easier to make Art of Hearing your favourite destination for all your hearing needs.

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