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If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, your next step will be to find a solution that best meets your individual needs. Whilst the most common solution is hearing aids, these aren’t the only devices available to people with auditory problems. In some instances, hearing aids may be deemed an insufficient means of treatment, and your audiologist may recommend the placement of a cochlear implant instead. So, what’s the big difference between the two devices?

Just as you would regularly visit the optometrist to make sure your prescription glasses are still meeting your needs; follow-up hearing appointments are an important step in ensuring you continue to make the most out of your hearing solution. Not only will these routine maintenance and fine-tuning appointments ensure your hearing aids are still working at their best, they will also give you a chance to discuss any concerns or potential changes to your hearing with your audiologist. If you are due a check-up with your hearing professional, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your follow-up hearing appointment.

With so many different styles and features now available, it’s not always easy knowing which type of hearing aid is right for you, especially when you’re choosing a hearing solution for the first time. At The Art of Hearing, our Perth audiologists are independent hearing aid providers, meaning we can offer you unbiased advice about the different solutions available from our hearing clinic. But first, here are a few factors you may want to consider when comparing different hearing aids