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We have a broad profile of hearing tests available for the occupational health industry. Our state of art equipment and facilities enable us to perform advanced testing to assist with patient rehabilitation, or pre-work assessments.

What is Tinnitus Treatment?

Tinnitus is a sensation of commonly described as ringing in the ears. It could occur suddenly or be built up over the years. Some have also described the sound as hissing, whistling, buzzing, humming or even a screech. Tinnitus can also be made up of multiple different noises and pitches. It can be a potentially bothersome symptom for some people.

Is There A Cure For Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually a symptom of an underlying condition causing it to occur which can complicate treatment options. As a result, a tinnitus cure is not very easily found. In severe cases, the treatment will be focused on reducing the impacts of tinnitus in daily living.  If not addressed, tinnitus can potentially affect the overall health and quality of life in an individual. An audiologist and tinnitus specialist will have to investigate the patient’s lifestyle to determine the underlying cause of a patient’s tinnitus, and then decide on a suitable course of treatment.

Ringing Ear Treatment Perth

Tinnitus can present in various types of sounds. A patient suffering from tinnitus will be asked to describe the type of noise they are experiencing, whether it is constant or periodic, steady or pulsating as well as the pitch and sound quality of the symptom. Tinnitus that presents in a continuous, steady and high pitched sound indicates a problem in the auditory system. 

A hearing aid can help by amplifying external sounds above the Tinnitus level to mask the Tinnitus sound being heard. If there is some hearing loss present, the hearing aid can be customised to help with both issues. There are also devices known as Tinnitus maskers that mask the internal noise caused by Tinnitus by playing a sound that is more pleasant. 

A Tinnitus Instrument is a hybrid device that combines the functions of a hearing aid and masking device all in one. A certified audiologist will be able to help with finding an appropriate device for your needs.

Tinnitus Treatment Perth

If you’re having trouble will Tinnitus and are looking for Tinnitus treatment Perth, get in touch with Art of Hearing. Our experienced and highly trained audiologists are dedicated to providing you with full-service hearing solutions. An audiologist will be able to examine your hearing condition and provide the best treatment options moving forward. 

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This test measures the movement of your eardrum in response to air pressure. It can determine if there is a buildup of fluid, wax buildup, eardrum perforations or tumors.

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Acoustic Reflex Testing

This test measures involuntary muscle contractions of the middle ear and is used to determine the location of your hearing problem (the ossicles, cochlea, auditory nerve, etc.) as well as the type of hearing loss.

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Pure Tone Testing

This type of test uses air conduction to measure your ability to hear sounds at various pitches and volumes. You will be asked to wear headphones and sit in a specially designed booth. A series of sounds will be broadcast through the headphones. Every time you hear a tone you will be instructed to raise your hand or press a button. The results will then be charted on an audiogram.

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Bone Conduction Testing

This is another type of pure-tone test that measures your inner ear’s response to sound. A conductor will be placed behind your ear; it will send tiny vibrations through the bone directly to the inner ear. This is different than the traditional version, which uses air to send audible sounds. If the results of this test are different than the pure-tone audiometry, your audiologist can use this information to determine your type of hearing loss.

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Speech Testing

This type of testing is used to measure your speech reception threshold (SRT), or the faintest speech you can understand 50 percent of the time. It is administered in either a quiet or noisy environment and measures your ability to separate speech from background noise.

Hearing & Audiology Test Referrals

Referrals for Hearing Tests

At Art of Hearing, we work closely with GPs, ENT Surgeons to provide the best information and advice for patients. If you require a test, please get a referral from your treating GP today.

Occupational Health & WorkCover

Art of Hearing is a certified Work Cover provider. We also provide hearing tests for the Occupational Health settings in industries and work environments. Enquire today for further information.

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